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5 Creative Ways to Make Your Old Clothes Look New and Trendy Again

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Old Clothes Look New and Trendy Again
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Upcycling your old clothes never looked this cool.

Closet cleanse is always a good practice. Ridding your wardrobe of things that don't fit or that you haven't worn in the past six months will not only save you precious space, but it will let you re-evaluate your personal taste, too. But before you toss out old clothes for donation or to sell, you may want to give them a final scan to see if you can upcycle them. Note that you don't always need to know how to sew in upcycling! Need more convincin? Here are five ways you can easily upcycle your clothes in creative ways that will turn your outdated pieces into hot new 'fits.

1. Tie Dye

This has been one of the biggest comeback trends of 2020, don't you think? It’s very easy to do, too. All you need are some old tees, fabric dyes, rubber bands, and a whole lot of creativity. It's a quick fix to turn old shirts into statement tees.


2. Hardware bling 

Add some grungy flair to your 'fits by adding some cool hardware. Now, while you can put your sewing skills to test by stitching some chains into your fave denim skirt, you can start with more basic DIY projects like iron-pressing studs into shirts, or perhaps the easiest one: Sticking safety pins into your jeans like this pair below.

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3. Thrift flipping

A dull unused oversized shirt is like a given piece in your dad or brother’s closet. Upcycling it into a shirt and skirt coordinate set would be the perfect starter rework that you can easily do. If you're not so confident in making a skirt from scratch, you can try making a garterized crop top to test the waters!


4. Patchwork Top

If you've done good practice on basic sewing techniques, here's a more challenging project for you. Don’t throw your old shirts away and let it add up in a pile of textile waste. Instead, do a creative patchwork top that's definitely a great way to show your style. It’s a lot of work, but the final look is definitely worth the effort!


5. Distressed jeans

Bored with a plain-looking pair of denim jeans? Then it's high time to rip them up! This upcycle method would totally bring out the creativity in you and give your jeans a new aesthetic look. The popular ones are distressing your jeans, but you can also paint, bleach, or do some cute line art embroidery.


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