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5 Creative Ways to Make Your Old Clothes Look New and Trendy Again

Upcycling your old clothes never looked this cool.
Closet cleanse is always a good practice. Ridding your wardrobe of things that don't fit or that you haven't worn in the past six months will not only save you precious space, but it will let you re-evaluate your personal taste, too.

3 Fun DIY Fashion Projects You Can Try at Home

No to boredom.
The DIY Designer by Orly Shani is currently one of my favorite YouTube channels, especially now that we're in quarantine. As a fashion person with a chronically stuffed closet, there's bound to be one or two things that I'm never wearing again (or,

How to Make Fabric Face Masks Even Without a Sewing Machine

You can hand-stitch these yourself.
In these uncertain times, it's uplifting to see everyone, including our local fashion industry, work hand in hand to battle COVID-19. From monetary donations to designers banding together to make PPE suits for medical personnel, there's no slowing down their efforts.By the

Mari Jasmine Will Convince You to Cut Up Your Old T-Shirts

Grab those scissors!
Your early childhood DIY frenzy should never be forgotten. Those haphazard experiments with scissors and glue and paint are precisely what shaped your current good taste! Formative years indeed. Mari Jasmine wil be the last to put those craftsy, carefree days behind

How to Make a Bag Strap Out of Your Scarf

In case your fave purse doesn't come with a crossbody sling option!
Quick story time: I was mindlessly scrolling through luxury consignment e-shop  TheRealReal last weekend, and found an adorable mini Lady Dior that was selling for a total steal price. The catch? It didn't come with a long strap! This made me think

Wiki Has Released 83,500+ Vintage Sewing Patterns Online for Free

If you're into old-school, DIY fashion!
There's something poetic about the notion of sewing your own clothes. Your grandmothers and their grandmothers did it on the regular, back when ready-to-wear fits weren't yet available. It may not be a household skill you inherited, but why not try your

Here's How You Can DIY a Pair of Sock Boots

You'll be done in five minutes, tops.
Sock boots have been stomping down both the runways of Fashion Weeks and the streets of fashion capitals worldwide. It won't be farfetched to argue that they just might be fashion's current favorite footwear. All the style set's most popular names are

How to Expand Your Tight Jeans (and Other Denim Hacks)

Don't settle for anything less than a perfect fit!
Denim is a fickle fabric. There are different cuts, sizes, and washes, and it tends to feel different each time you put it on. Even if you manage to shop for the perfect pair, sometimes the most frustrating thing happens: your jeans

Here's How You Can DIY Your Own Pair of Fluffy Sandals

Cop the Gucci look without the hefty price tag.
We simply can't get enough of the fluff this season. From pompoms, fur loafers, and fluffy jackets, our wardrobes are slowly but surely transforming into a fuzzfest. Not that we're complaining of course, because we always have an eye out for new

8 DIY Ideas to Hop on the Patch Trend

You can never wear too many.
Patches—they’ve been everywhere lately! They're like stickers in a fashionista's wardrobe. Taking cues from bloggers, street style stars, and stylish celebrities, we've picked up some tips as to where these cute little things can be used on. Be ready to go on