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4 Genius Closet-Organizing Tricks We Learned from Aimee Song

4 Genius Closet-Organizing Tricks We Learned from Aimee Song
These will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for!

Having a ton of cool clothes at our disposal is every fashion girl's dream, but that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don't stay organized. Take it from fashion blogger Aimee Song, who recently shared her new walk-closet in a vlog. As expected, her storage space is as smart as she is chic. Keep reading for her best tips on keeping your closet mess-free!

1. Purge your closet before reorganizing.

IMAGE YOUTUBE/songofstyle

The first step to organizing is to get rid of unwanted items to create more space. Aimee shares in her vlog that she has sold a lot of clothes online before she started organizing her new closet in order to make more room. Fun fact: the blogger says that all the money she earns from it goes to charity!

2. Arrange your shoes differently to save space.


IMAGE YOUTUBE/songofstyle

In the video, Aimee says that storing your pairs side-by-side reduces the space you have for them in each rack. So what she does is that she puts one shoe forward for display, then pushes the other behind it to create more space for other pairs.

3. Get adjustable shelves to fit all your shoes.

IMAGE YOUTUBE/songofstyle

If you're someone who constantly acquires new shoes, consider getting a customizable closet. Aimee's shoe shelf has adjustable pegs that can help make room for taller or shorter items.

4. Keep in-season pieces in more accessible storage.

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IMAGE YOUTUBE/songofstyle

For the summer, Aimee keeps all her denim pieces and t-shirts on lower shelves so she can easily choose some to wear. Her knits and thicker pieces, on the other hand, are placed on higher shelves since she won't be reaching for them as much.

Watch the video below for her entire closet tour!

Click here to read more about Aimee's closet.

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