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6 Cute Details We Love About Ashley Garcia’s Pastel Closet

It's a pastel lover's dream!
If you’re keeping up with influencer Ashley Garcia, then you'll know she's been enjoying her independence and reaping the fruits of her hard work. For one, she just bought her very first car, and lately she's been busy sprucing up her own

This Pinay Entrepreneur Customized Her Own Two-Floor Walk-In Designer Closet

Her wardrobe space looks like a boutique!
Known for her consistent PrevYou Style Tuesdays photo entries, Sarah Genove-Yu piqued our interest through her sophisticated outfits. Little did we know, this Filipina enterpreneur and a loving mom has a two-storey wardrobe space filled with all of her stunning designer items. Juggling

The Ultimate List of Closet Essentials to Dress Classy and Chic

Here's everything you need to create timeless looks.
You've heard this many times: Classic style will always look good and surpass trends. If you embrace this aesthetic, you'll always look polished and you won't cringe when you see your pics, even after a decade has passed. If you want to

4 Fashion Items That Are Worth Keeping in Your Closet

These won't go out of style any time soon!
Trends come and go, but some pieces are meant to stay in your closet forever. Now, if you're on the verge of a wardrobe purge and don't know what to keep, here are four easy pieces that you should definitely hold on

You Have to See Dianne Medina's Walk-In Closet

It's like a luxury boutique!
Dianne Medina has a walk-in closet that many fashion-savvy women dream of. The room has pristine marble floors and floor-to-ceiling shelves in all white for Dianne's vast collection of clothes, shoes, and bags. Celebrities and fans following her on Instagram gasped as

Divine Lee's Daughter Has the Prettiest Pastel Pink Bedroom

It already has a walk-in closet!
Divine Lee's five-month-old daughter Blanca already has her own bedroom with a walk-in closet.Blanca's own Instagram page gives a sneak peek. The caption reads: "My Manila room is done! We picked the theme Colonial British India."Styled by @homespun_lifestyle and photos by @sparkstudioph

You Won't Believe What the Biggest Closet in America Looks Like

There's an entire floor dedicated to jewelry and more than 60 Hermès Birkins!
Have you ever considered, oh, I don't know, hosting parties and charity your closet? The thought may have never even crossed your mind, but if you're proud owner to literally the biggest walk-in wardrobe in America, it doesn't quite sound like

Julia Barretto Gives a Sneak Peek of Her New Walk-In Closet

We can't wait for a closet tour!
Julia Barretto just gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek into her closet posting a mirror selfie with it in the background.Based on the photo, she went for a minimalist layout with a wood-and-white theme for her closet, which has full-length mirrored

We're Obsessed with Cheska Kramer's Enormous Walk-In Closet

It's even bigger than their master bedroom!
If you're as smitten over clothes as we are, you've probably already dreamt up of your own sartorial palace to house a department store load of all your favorite pieces. While the Jeffree Star closet of our imagination remains just that, we've

Watch Newlyweds Camille Co and Joni Koro Design Their Walk-In Closet

We can't wait to see how it finally turns out!
In the trying yet exciting process of furnishing your own space? Newlyweds Camille Co and Joni Koro are right there with you. Fresh from their European honeymoon, the couple is back in Manila to deal with the real stuff...which, naturally, includes designing

5 Things You Can Learn From Heart Evangelista's Closet Tour

Stylish storage tips from Heart herself.
As of this writing, Heart Evangelista's recently-dropped closet tour vlog has over two million views, and we can't blame the many curious eyes for watching. Who wouldn't want to sneak a peek at her covetable wardrobe? Here, we've brought to you a

Here's What's Inside the Largest Closet in America

It's basically like a luxury department store!
So, what exactly do you have to do to own the largest closet in America? Simple! Write three books and have your own line of clothing, candles, and chocolate truffles. Basically, just build an empire for yourself like Theresa Roemer did. The

The Most Stylish and Luxurious Closet Design Ideas for 2019

Prepare to have major closet envy.
Whether you're redoing your closet or looking for inspiration for a new space, these closet design ideas will help you organize all your favorite things.Stylishly match your eclectic clothing pieces with your closet. A simple roll of wallpaper and a statement carpet

This Is How Fashion Girls Clean Out Their Closets

We ask editors, stylists, designers, and buyers how they decide to let go.
New year, new you...right? While there's no need to completely overhaul your wardrobe for a fresh start, probably one of the hardest tasks a fashion girl's gotta do is (gulp) throw things out. Well, not quite: You're free to segregate into the