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5 Pairs of Stylish Moms and Kids We Love

Looking chic runs in the fam.
5 Pairs of Stylish Moms and Kids We Love
Looking chic runs in the fam.

Happy Mother's Day! To celebrate (and to help you snag some mom-and-me fashion inspo while you're at it), we give you five stylish pairs we always have an eye on. After all, looking chic is hereditary...and you're never too old to play dress-up with mama's closet!

1. Jenni and Aryanna Epperson

It's only natural that stylist Jenni passed her prowess down to Aryanna, who's currently enjoying post-grad downtime by amusing us with her beauty vlogs. These two are both adorable!

2. Lucy Torres-Gomez and Juliana Gomez

Confirmed: Lucy is 100% an Instagram mom. The politician has always been vocal about her hopes and dreams for her unica hija, and if inherently put-together is on the list, her wishes have already been fulfilled.

3. Gretchen Barretto and Dominique Cojuangco

We live for Gretchen's video clip OOTDs, and love them even more when Dominique happens to be in them. The latter has just graduated from fashion school in London, so we can't wait to see more of this power pair in action.


4. Apples Aberin and Sam Sadhwani

These are some excellent genes. Both tall, tawny, and stylish, Apples and Sam are a mom-and-daughter team to turn heads. Fun fact: Beauty and style aren’t their only common denominatorsthey're also both succesful in their chosen fields, to boot!

5. Tessie and JP Singson

It was luxury fashion buyer JP who convinced his mom to start documenting her outfits, starting the phenomenon we now know as Lola Androgynous. "Fashion starts at 60," Tessie's Instagram bio reads, and she sure is right.