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5 Cool Ways to Style a Cardigan

Time to bring yours back into the daylight!
5 Cool Ways to Style a Cardigan
Time to bring yours back into the daylight!

Consider your granny the cool kid now. Quick, dig all her old cardigans out of the baul, because our favorite Instagram stars are styling 'em so cool and current that you'll want in! There's more to those trusty cable knits than keeping warm. Below, six neat tricks you're gonna want to cop.

1. This one's at the top of our list! Knot your cardigan at the waist and leave unbuttoned for a covered-up-yet-hubadera look that's borrowed from the Parisiennes.

2. Tuck an oversized version into trousers for a cool, slouchy office OOTD!

3. Simple but striking. Go for a punchy orange number and casually throw over the season's favored florals. Plus points for cowboy boots and a lone bare shoulder.

4. Dug up a longline, tie-waist option? Then you've got yourself an instant wrap dress. You're welcome.

5. Wear your cardigan the way everyone is slinging a belt bag: across your chest and sans a care in the world. Also, this is a cute alternative to tying it around your hips!



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