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5 Breezy Summer Color Combinations to Wear for Your Next OOTD

5 Breezy Summer Color Combinations to Wear for Your Next OOTD
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Keep your cool all day with these fun and refreshing color combos!

In case you didn't know, color plays a huge part in our mental health, and well, hugely about how we feel for the day. In fact, I can attest to this myself. When I'm feeling particularly cheery, I would wear something bright, like yellow or pink. When I can't be bothered for the day, I grativate towards black. When my mind seeks clarity, white feels the most inviting for me.

This summer, I felt it wouldn't matter anymore since I'm only at home. I'd wear mostly blacks and blues...or stay in my pajamas all day long. But as the thickness of summer's humid air penetrates my sunlit room, I knew there has to be colors I can wear that wouldn't make me feel as hot. Below, we round up five easy, breezy, and fun color combinations that will not only uplift your spirits, but will also keep you cool all day.

1. Pink + Lavender

Do you ever have those days when you feel extra peaceful and just in love with life? As it turns out you can manifest these emotions onto your outfits in lovely baby pink hues, paired with cool, calming lavender and lilac shades. These pastel colors are also so easy on the eyes, further boosting your already good mood.


2. Yellow + Cream

Forget about visual fatigue when you tame bright yellow hues with cream colors. This duo balances feelings of openness and airiness—as if you're wearing sunshine...minus the heat!

3. Baby Blue + White

By now we should be sipping cocktails by the pool or watching sunsets by the shore. But since the pandemic broke out, we're best kept at home, secured in the comforts of our four-cornered rooms. But that doesn't mean you can't calm yourself with bright white clouds and the calming blue sea. All you have to do is don these two colors together to feel breezy amid the scorching hot summer sun. 

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4. Green + Lemon Yellow

Being around greenery can instantly make you feel cool and collected. But what if you're living in the concrete urban jungle and have no trees or plants in sight? Well, you can just wear these two citrusy hues and make do!


5. White + Beige

Last on this list is a personal favorite. White and beige are a newly discovered color combo that has truly saved me from feeling so sticky and hot this summer. You'll feel extra productive when you're not leaving sweat stains on your shirt, plus these two hues make you feel peaceful and clean through out the day.

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