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5 Easy and Fun Ways to Wear More Color, As Seen on Kim Chiu

Take notes from her TikToks!
There’s something about a touch of color that just makes one’s outfit stand out. Just take a look at Kim Chiu's IG photos and TikTok videos! The 31-year-old star is no stranger to a bright and striking outfit. She loves mixing bright colors

10 Camille Co Outfits That Will Convince You to Wear More Colors

Thinking of adding a pop of color to your own wardrobe, too?
Vlogger and mom-to-be Camille Co-Koro is undoubtedly serving topnotch looks on her Instagram posts. Her vibrant and flamboyant 'fits deserve to be recognized—from activewear sets to flowy dresses, she’s got it all! Thinking of adding a pop of color to your own

5 Breezy Summer Color Combinations to Wear for Your Next OOTD

Keep your cool all day with these fun and refreshing color combos!
In case you didn't know, color plays a huge part in our mental health, and well, hugely about how we feel for the day. In fact, I can attest to this myself. When I'm feeling particularly cheery, I would wear something bright,

LOTD: Irene Kim Shows Us How to Wear Multiple Colors at Once

Can't choose? Wear them all!
Black may be timeless, but wearing color, especially this season, is also definitely en vogue. Currently, the trend is headlined by not just one but three It colors: millennial pink, Gen Z yellow, and ultraviolet, all of which are slowly making way

5 Pink and Red Outfits You Can Wear Now

It’s an insanely stylish pairing.
Pink and red is the color pairing du jour. We’re seeing it everywhere from the runways, like Valentino, even on local celebs like Heart Evangelista. What used to be considered a clashing combo is now surprisingly chic. Whether you’re thinking pink or

6 Unexpected Color Combinations You Can Wear Now

Play with Crayola hues!
Wearing all-black has always been a winning fashion decision. It’s chic, foolproof and even Grace Coddington swears by it. Then again, as fashion girls, we have to remind ourselves that it’s not the only color worth wearing. For the current season and

5 Fashion Trends That Got Too Big

And yet you couldn't let them go.
Ever loved a style so much and suddenly realized so does everyone else? Not everyone likes twinning, especially when there are a hundred others sporting the same style. If there’s one thing true about fashion, it’s that it’s always in an exasperating

Neutral Territory

The renewed color block trend gets styled in four ways.
It was Summer of 2011 when color blocking started stirring up a scene; fast forward to 2013 and it’s still making waves. Iin fashion, all trends eventually come back, but always with a vengeance―well, not really, but you get the picture. It

Shopping Guide: Neutral Color Blocking

Forego summer brights and neon hues and stick to warm neutrals.
Unlike its previous incarnation, color blocking this time around takes on a more subtle vibe with the involvement of tempered neutrals. Gone are the loud, bright hues and in their place take on a more mature sense of dressing. Click on the gallery

Trend Spotting: Color-blocked Heels

We spy towering heels in delicious colors worn by Manila's fashionable.
The skies may have been a little gray lately but that hasn't stopped the color-blocking trend from dying out. It's moved down to the ground and weve spied a number of ladies wearing towering heels in the most delicious combination of colors.

The 11

Either you talked about it or wore it yourself; these looks rocked 2011.
As 2011 was ripe with opportunities to dress up, and the gals were all too happy to play with what fashion had to offer, there were a number of outfits that got people talking and trends that inspired each one to get

Blogger Challenge: Color-blocking

Six fashion bloggers sport the hottest trend of the season - color-blocking!
This week's Blogger Challenge plays with color-blocking, the hot summer trend seen on the cover of this month's Preview Magazine. Fashion bloggers—Shai Lagarde, Aisa Ipac, Camille Co, Esme Palaganas, Lexi Gancayco and Laureen Uy— show us how they work on the trend