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Chic Black-and-White Outfit Ideas That Are Perfect for Your Next Night Out

From chill house parties to dressier occasions!
Chic Black-and-White Outfit Ideas That Are Perfect for Your Next Night Out
From chill house parties to dressier occasions!

If you love to unwind by heading out on Friday nights or sipping some bubbly during the weekend, then perhaps you've stumbled upon the fashion dilemma of having nothing to wear despite the heap of clothes in your closet—especially when your friends make last-minute plans.

Well, as someone who often finds herself in this situation, I can tell you that there's nothing easier and more foolproof than a black-and-white OOTD. These monochromes aren't classic color combos for nothing! Plus, you can curate a look using pieces you already own. It's all a matter of mixing and matching the right ones. Here are some party outfits you can cop based on your plans! 

1. For a chill house party: a silk button-down with jeans

If your friends suddenly invite you to a chill hangout, don't panic. You can always rely on a trusty pair of blue jeans and match that with a black or white button-down. Opt for luxe fabrics such as silk or crisp cotton for a polished look, and finish it off with sleek mules or block-heeled sandals. It's a casual yet elevated party outfit that'll seem like you just threw it on and headed out the door! 


2. For wine night with the girls: a draped blouse with trousers

For anight of vino and catching up, why not forgo the usual dainty pieces like camisoles and puff-sleeved tops and turn up the femme factor with something regal that your girls are sure to dig? A sophisticated pussybow blouse will do just the trick, especially when matched with something equally bold like pleated trousers or a leather skirt. If a beribboned neckline isn't your thing, you can try other voluminous, draped blouses instead. 

3. For a bar crawl: chic overalls with boots

If you know you'll be hopping from bar to bar until the wee hours of the (next) morning, you won't go trotting around in high heels, right? (But if you can, then we bow down to your skills!) Whatever your tolerance for heels is, you might want to consider a comfier alternative. Combat boots will be your best battle gear, and it'll look impossibly chic with overalls, a white tee, and sheer black tights. Consider this your weekly Friday night party uniform. 

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4. For when you need to flex: a powerful blazer look 

So, you'll be bumping into your ex, huh? Or perhaps you'll cross paths with your long-time crush? Whoever you're expecting, we're sure you'd want to flex just how amazing you are. For a party outfit that will pack a one-two punch, we suggest sporting a cropped tank top paired with sleek trousers, and topped with the most powerful blazer in your wardrobeone with a strong shoulder would be optimal. Dress it up with gold accessories, heels, and a crossbody bag, and you're ready to break some hearts. 

5. From the office desk, to dinner, to the dance floor: an all-silk ensemble

No time to head home and change after work? Planning your party outfit ahead is key, and your best bet is an all-silk ensemble. It's perfect for looking professional during the day, polished during a fancy dinner, and party-ready for a nightcap with friends. Simply throw on a luxe silk button-down and a matching midi skirt, or opt for smart-looking trousers instead. If you don't want to change footwear before sundown, go for a pair of dressy flats or kitten heels for comfort throughout the day. 


6. For a fun reunion with long-time friends: a dress-over-tee combo

Congratulations, you finally booked a date for that long-awaited reunion with your high school or college barkada! Since the vibe of the occasion will most likely be very casual, you could don a fun ensemble that's still tres chic. We suggest a playful look like Margaret Zhang's dress-over-tee outfit (very Cher Horowitz!), or a simple midi skirt paired with a white or black shirt. Complete your party look with cool accessories and you're all set!

7. For any dressy evening occasion: a black turtleneck with white pants

If you're looking for a no-fail party outfit combo that can work for any and every occasion, a black turtleneck can make any party OOTD look terribly smart and chic. Whether it's a sleeveless piece or a long-sleeved one, you can style it with practically anything and get away with it! Think: mini skirts, jeans, trousers, etc. We love how the look above completed the turtleneck-and-jeans outfit with red pumps and statement earrings—proof that accessorizing can do someserious look elevation. 


8. For a smart casual celebration: a slip dress with a blazer

Got fancy plans ahead, like say, a birthday party or a farewell dinner? Here's the easiest (and laziest) party outfit in the book, yet: a slip dress and a tailored blazer. The key to looking sophisticated (and not like you rolled out of bed) is to make sure your slip dress is crease-free and that your blazer fits well. To dress it up even more, throw on accessories and wear your hair in an updo. If you plan to dance all night, might we also suggest a pair of low-heeled mules? 

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