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Are Big Bags Finally Making a Trendy Comeback?

For those already tired of the mini madness...
Are Big Bags Finally Making a Trendy Comeback?
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/yoyokulala, Dior, INSTAGRAM/fengfan_x
For those already tired of the mini madness...

We foresee your argument: "Did carryalls ever really go out of style?!" Well, no, but you can't deny the mini bag trend that's taken over the sartorial crowd in the last few years. From Jacquemus' microscopic Le Chiquita to Fendi's itty-bitty iteration of their classic Peekaboo (it's meant to hang from its big sis, by the way), the world's most stylish spent the past couple of seasons playing bag tetris—fashion's favorite game was to carefully curate essentials, meticulously arranging the measly number of things that fit inside a purse the size of a fingernail. A cultivated life skill, if you ask us, validated even more by the unparalleled satisfaction when said purse actually zips shut.

Now it's looking like lugging your entire house around is becoming en vogue again. Though it ain't news that the Dior Oblique monogram has become ubiquitous and near-omnipresent, we're seeing a shift in preference size-wise. Behold, the ultra-roomy Book Tote that all the chicest 'gram girls are dangling.


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Maybe the hour has come for us to trade our tinies for the (literal) bigger picture. Options large enough to require their own seat at dinner from Gucci, to Burberry, to Louis Vuitton are just as appealing.


Oh, and let's not forget those enormous, rainbow-striped Balenciaga shopper numbers from Fall/Winter 2016, and the aforementioned Jacquemus' total 180 via mammoth fringed beach bags at their Spring 2019 show.

Digging for receipts in your black hole of stuff is totally a look now. We've called it—still, let's hope you won't be needing a chiropractor soon...

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