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Nylon Prada Bags Are Back, and Here's How to Style Them in 2019

Just in time for Manila's rainy season, too!
The immediate correlation between the words "vintage" and "cool" has never been stronger than it is right this second. With the boom of luxury secondhand e-shops The RealReal and Vestaire Collective, snagging storied designer knickknacks for a fraction of the price brings

Where to Buy Those Instagram Famous Resin Tortoiseshell Bags

Get your hands on one of these!
Need a respite from the clear PVC bag trend? We suggest you make room in your life (and in your closet) for one of these chic resin tortoiseshell purses that have fast become an Instagram style star favorite. Here, shop seven cute

10 Chic Shoulder Bags to Shop Now, According to Your Budget

Yep, these '90s-style bags are back!
Arguably one of the very first true-blue It bags, the Baguette, which Sylvia Venturini Fendi oh-so-famously designed in 1997, was catapulted to coveted cult status by none other than Sex And The City's Carrie Bradshaw. The pochette, named for the way it fit snugly under

Are Big Bags Finally Making a Trendy Comeback?

For those already tired of the mini madness...
We foresee your argument: "Did carryalls ever really go out of style?!" Well, no, but you can't deny the mini bag trend that's taken over the sartorial crowd in the last few years. From Jacquemus' microscopic Le Chiquita to Fendi's itty-bitty iteration

This Is the New It Bag Fashion Girls Are Carrying Now

Major throwback alert!
Vintage-inspired pieces continue to be in the spotlight, and this latest accessory revival is proof. It's something you probably won't find in your mother's baul but in your teenage closet instead. Start digging through your closet, because bead and pearl embellished bags

Big Bags Are Officially Back On Trend!

Finally, all your essentials can fit in one bag.
The fashion world's love affair with microscopic slings that could barely hold an iPhone was beyond real—read that again, but with emphasis on the past tense. It's official: big bags are back on the scene, and (literally) larger than life! Need evidence?

This Is Bound to Become Your New Favorite Night-Out Bag

It's honestly WAY more functional than a clutch.
Introducing the wristlet! It's a lot easier to carry than the clutch and less outfit-obtrusive than a sling bag (hands in the air if you hate getting your clothes wrinkled under the strap). We're declaring it: It's going to be your new

The Baguette Bag is the It Bag You Need to Carry Now

Remember your mama's old Fendi?!
In the grand tradition of all things fashion-related, what goes around comes around! It's the baguette bag's turn back in the revolving spotlight: characteristically flat, short-strapped, and carried right under your armpit the way any self-respecting Parisienne would lug its namesake loaf.Does

These Geometric Longchamp Totes Should Be Your New Everyday Bag

Ten reasons why you’ll like being boxed in (when it comes to bags, at least.)
Hey in-a-handbag-dilemma fashion girl, we hear you. What to save up for that one designer, holiday splurge? Yes, you know, that ONE? Well, we’ve rounded up not only one but ten must-have options for you from the Fall/Winter 2016 offerings of Longchamp,

This Backpack Is So Grown-up, You Can Take It To The Office

In full leather glory, they're not just for school kids anymore.
In the minds of many, backpacks go hand-in-hand with school girl essentials; but in the recent seasons, they have morphed into a completely grown-up trend, topping everyone's shopping lists. Designers all had their versions and suddenly, the tastemakers were trading their posh

19 Bucket Bags That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

Ready to update your bag for summer? Check out our picks!
This week’s must-have accessory list zooms in on the bucket bag—in a variety of interpretations like a backpack, sling bag, tote, and more in all shapes and in all sizes. It gives you the practicality of having a standby carryall (imagine all

1 Bag, 5 Reasons Why It Rocks

We tell you why we're super crushing on Jimmy Choo's Rosa handbag.
You may think that this is just another handbag, but no, this is Jimmy Choo. And as we all know, the brand takes pride in their super sleek and luxurious statement pieces, which is why we instantly fell in love with the

Trend Alert: Backpacks

We present 15 cute and cool backpacks to rock this season.
Stylish backpacks are having a moment this season and we can't help but get excited over the new pieces we spotted at our favorite retail stores. One can't deny the hands-free freedom that backpacks provide, especially when you're out and about doing

11 Most Iconic Designer Bags

Saving up for your very first designer bag? Get to know the classic styles that are sure to stand the test of time.
Some consider it as a status symbol, while others take it as pure love for all things grand and beautiful. If you’re looking into treating yourself to your very first It bag, here’s a quick guide to know which one perfectly fits

Tod's Fall/winter 2013: Animal Instinct

We present the standout (and roaring!) pieces from Tod's latest collection.
If Spring/Summer 2013 was all about happy hues, Tod's Fall/Winter 2013 offering goes into the wild with an edgy dose of animal-printed varieties. This time around, the redesigned Sella bag is now at the front and center of their collection, taking inspiration in

It Bags

Which IT bag will you be saving up for this season?