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Alodia Gosiengfiao Is About to Dive Headfirst Into the Next Chapter of Her Life

by Em Enriquez | Jan 13, 2023

With all the extravagant looks that she's donned, the gamer, cosplayer, and businesswoman is now ready to put on her most important "costume" yet: a wedding gown.

Alodia Gosiengfiao is a Pisces. According to contemporary astrology, that means she’s a “water sign” who is intensely emphatic and exceptionally artistic.

She was the type of kid who frequently played under rain clouds with reckless abandon. Now in her 30s, Alodia still has no problem with getting drenched. You’d get giggles out of her when the breeze would blow away at her dress or when waves would put her out of place. A storm could be beating down at her spindly figure and she’d keep posing as directed, giving an assuring “Yeah!” when you ask her if she’s still holding up well.

“We’re all waterproof anyway,” exclaims the gamer, cosplayer, businesswoman, and soon-to-be-Mrs. Quimbo. “But not my laptop,” quips Preview Art Director Bacs Arcebal in reply.


Alodia Gosiengfiao for January 2023

Making Waves

Anyone who’s been on the internet in the last decade or so knows that the name Alodia Gosiengfiao is synonymous with the title of the Philippines’ "Queen of Cosplay.” Senpai Alodia has made quite the splash in the niche she’s immersed herself in, which is a feat considering it all just started on a whim.

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“The first time I did cosplay was back in 2003,” she recalls. “It was the launch of the first online game I played called Ragnarok Online. It was quite funny because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I came from cheerleading training with wet hair and I didn’t even know how to put on makeup.” Her maiden voyage into cosplaying saw her in a black cloak that resembled a nun’s habit (save for the thigh-high slit on one leg), a cross-shaped necklace resting on her chest, and a silver staff clutched in her hands. She attempted to fashion herself after a high priestess in the Korean video game, and the results—well, you can just search up how it turned out.


As Alodia matured, so did her skills at transforming. For those who don’t participate in the craft, she lays out the differences it has with day-to-day attire: “Cosplay is dressing up as an existing fictional character. If it were based on a real person, it would be called impersonation. A regular outfit is merely something you put together, however, cosplay is meticulously copying a specific character down to the exact details.”


This focus on nailing every aspect down to a tee has melted into everything the 34-year-old does, in both the fictional and real-life realms she traverses. An Information Design graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University, Alodia has always aspired for a career as a creative of some sort. It was only recently when she co-founded Tier One, an entertainment agency she cleverly describes as “Star Magic, but for gamers.” According to the Chief Creative Officer, the company’s goal is to help people make a living out of something that's commonly deemed as just a hobby.


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Most traditionally-minded parents would share the belief that gaming is nothing but a distraction from studies and a detour from pursuing a “real job.” It’s something that the CCO has experienced firsthand. In a previous interview, she laughingly retold an account of when her mom and dad “destroyed” her computer because of her addiction to Ragnarok Online. “My parents said no to most of the things I did. Gaming. Cosplay. Starting Tier One Entertainment,” she expounds. Eventually, mom and dad came around after seeing the fruits of her labor, and now they let their eldest daughter do her thing.


It’s Alodia’s hope that doing her thing can continue to help more people enter the scene, and along the way, shift society’s perspectives on it. “I am quite hopeful because over the years more and more people appreciate this industry. For those on the outside, I hope they don’t just view it as child’s play and wasting time because [it] has changed many lives for the better.”


Come Hell or High Water

Out of all the marvelous costumes she’s donned throughout her career, the trailblazer is gearing up to put on her most significant one yet: a wedding gown.

It was only in July 2022 when planning her nuptials to entrepreneur Christopher Quimbo began to take up a huge chunk of her daily to-do lists. “Akala ko gaming lang buhay ko until dumating sya,” she candidly tells me. The story goes that both of them were invited to a soiree organized by each of their clans, and just like how waves are always guaranteed to ebb and flow, things just felt certain for the two. “When you know, you know,” Alodia declares.


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She admits that it would’ve been easier to mount such a momentous occasion a year ago. Since both of them are at the helm of their respective businesses, most of their time and energy is allotted elsewhere. Add to that the numerous events both of them are expected to attend given that the world is slowly opening up from the pandemic. Though, the bride-to-be actually still believes that this all couldn’t have transpired at a better time.


“Earlier last year, I already accepted the fact that I would live a life dedicated to my work. It was tough to find someone who understood me and what I did,” says the wonder woman. If there’s anything her past relationships have taught her, it’s a reminder that compatibility does matter. When it’s right, it’s right.

“A leopard cannot change its spots,” she adds. Make with that what you will.


Just like how she is with her cosplay stints and events, Alodia sets up her long-awaited matrimony hands-on and headfirst. If something isn’t going as planned, she has no trouble finding and working with a compromise. It’s a trait you’ll notice when working closely with her.


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The girl knows how to keep her head above water—literally. If a wave crashes into her, she’ll float with it. She’ll keep her core tight so as to not drown, yet she also doesn’t fear plunging herself in and seeing what’s beneath the surface. It’s just as beautiful down there, after all.

Ideally, the beauty Alodia meets in the great unknown she’s diving into as a married woman will come in the form of a healthy family. “Hopefully, one of our kids would be into cosplay [or] gaming,” she says.


The World Is Her Oyster

For someone as perpetually busy as her, Alodia still comes off as grounded and composed. She has this cheerful tact and a pleasant petite visage that makes it seem like nothing can ever rain on her parade. When you think about it, it makes sense, since she is reveling in the success she so painstakingly worked for, and on top of that, has a man waiting for her at the end of the altar.


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“I feel very grateful that my hobby and passion have allowed me to meet amazing people in different parts of the world. I cosplay because I love to create,” she states. Given the dynamic nature of her craft, one could be led to wonder if she ever feels the need to remain relevant in today’s digital spaces.


Quite frankly, however, she doesn’t. “I really focus on my passion for art and creating. If I get known for it, [then] I [become] grateful for it.” In the Gen Z-dominated arena that is TikTok, for example, Alodia is well aware that literally anybody is one viral 15-second video away from being the next big thing. And if they do, well, good for them. The young talents she works with at Tier One are there to teach her the dance crazes if ever she wants to try them out anyway. In return, she passes down what she knows about streaming and gaming as their “Ate”-slash-“Boss”-slash-“Mama” Alodia.


“I don’t create to make content. I also don’t create to ‘influence’ [anyone.] I create because it is my passion and it is art to me,” she puts it. Her 8.2 million followers on Facebook would know what she means when she says that her vlogs are more like diary entries of a lady building her career, rather than tidbits of media made to be consumed and possibly profited from.


It’s in this regard that Alodia’s nature as an artist surfaces, and it shows in how she views the things she does. “I consider cosplaying as an art form. Instead of paper, we use our bodies and faces as our canvas,” she says. Well aware that art opens itself to improvement, her cup for learning is always eagerly half full.


“[I’ve always had a] thirst for learning. I always like learning about new techniques and skills. [It’s through these that] I learned how to carry myself and get out of my shell.”

At 34, Alodia is coasting through a transitional era that she’s been waiting for all of her life. Saying “I do” to someone who has the capacity to fulfill her romantic wishes is only one drop in the ocean that’s waiting for her to dive in.

The storm is over, the waves have calmed down, and all Alodia has to do now is to submerge herself into what happens next.


Produced by Reg Rodriguez

Co-Produced by Em Enriquez

Photographed by Colin Dancel

Photographer's Assistant: Lord Arvey

Art Direction by Bacs Arcebal

Fashion Direction and Styling by Steph Sison

Assisted by Katrina Maisie Cabral and Isha Fojas

Makeup by Slo Lopez

Hairstyling by Mong Amado

Nails by Tokyo Glam at Mitsukoshi Mall, Bonifacio Global City

Final Artist: Kahlil Alcala

Words by Em Enriquez

Shot on location at Vivere Azure in Anilao, Batangas

Special thanks to Belle Tolentino and Eric Ho of Vivere Azure

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