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We’re Calling It: Gabbi Garcia Is GMA’s Next Big Star

From a wide-eyed teenage actress to a full-fledged leading lady, Gabbi is more than ready for her next act—to be groomed as her home network’s most bankable star, as chosen by Mr. M himself.
Gabbi Garcia’s soul is starbright and sun-kissed. It seems inclined always towards the dazzling twinkle of camera flashes, airport tarmacs just before dusk, and canary-hued diamond crowns. Devoted fans of the actress know her long standing dream of becoming a beauty queen—and

Lovi Poe Is Ready to Take on the World and Here's How She Plans to Do It

The actress talks about her first Hollywood movie, and what she's been up to in the past three years.
Lovi Poe has been living out of a suitcase for a while now, having split the last three years between Manila, London, and Los Angeles. It's a lifestyle she deems “fun, but hard", one reason for this being the scarcity of great

Here's Why Maja Salvador Is and Will Always Be Her Own Boss

A breadwinner at 14, the actress opens up about working hard for what she has and what success now means to her a decade and a half later.
At the age of 14, Maja Salvador’s primary concern was her family’s electricity bill. “Ang problema niyo, magkano yung baon niyo at paano niyo pagkakasyahin yung baon niyo,” she says. “Ang problema ko na noon, pambayad ng kuryente namin.” Shortly after, she

Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado Have a Lot to Say About Their Old OOTDs

The power couple has been through a lot, and so has their taste in fashion. In this episode of Outfit Reactions, Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado look back at some of their best looks and OOTDs they can laugh at now.
Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo walk down memory lane as they recall their life milestones one outfit at a time. This includes their shared passion for dressing up every Halloween and the OOTDs they wore for a one-day trip to Paris!In this

Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado Open Up About Love, Parenthood, and What Comes Next

This is not a storybook ending, but rather, the beginning of a new chapter where they could, after being single parents for so long, become parents together. As one.
Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado are getting married.The celebrity couple, also known as #DenJen to their ardent fans, announced it last October 29 on GMA’s news show 24 Oras. This was swiftly followed by a YouTube premiere on Jen’s channel of the

Kris Bernal Removes Her Makeup While Reacting to Her Bashers

"Hindi naman ibig sabihin pag maarte ka, parang masama ka ng tao, 'di ba? Di naman ganoon 'yun."
Kris Bernal has had her fair share of online bashers. But despite it all, she remains unfazed. "I know myself better na hindi naman talaga ako maarte," the actress shares. However, in this episode of Barefaced Beauty, Kris felt like she needed

Anne Curtis Reveals the Last Expensive Item She Splurged on Before Giving Birth

In the latest episode of Designer Favorites, Anne Curtis tells us the stories behind her most precious designer items.
Preview's latest cover girl, Anne Curtis, needs no introduction. If you're not familiar with her hosting gig in a noontime show in ABS-CBN, then you've probably already seen her face in every other billboard in the metro. Perhaps you know her as

Anne Curtis Is Back and She’s Unstoppable

After a two-year hiatus to focus on her new role as a mother, Anne is back to reclaim her star status and she's still shining as brightly as ever.
There’s this new video recently posted by celebrity and events photographer Magic Liwanag. It’s a short behind-the-scenes film of #AnneKulit, Anne Curtis’ last-ever concert staged in 2018. “What’s up, madlang people???” she shouts into the microphone as she appears from below the

Kris Bernal Loves Being a Celebrity and There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong with That

She wants what she wants, and she’s unapologetic about her continuous pursuit of fame.
Kris Bernal is such a profoundly busy person that the term “multi-hyphenate” falls a bit flat. Her endeavors—two businesses, a YouTube channel, a seemingly restless Instagram page, and her current path as a freelance actress under a brand new management—are somehow interwoven

Janine Gutierrez Is Living Her Best Life at Her Own Pace

Societal timetables have women on a ticking clock, and as soon as you reach 30 it should seem like your life is set. But Janine Gutierrez would like to defiantly ask why. What's with all the pressure?
They say youth is a social construct, not bound by age or looks, but by a disposition and mindset that allows you to perceive life with a childlike glee. For actress Janine Gutierrez, this concept could not ring any more true. Now

Remember Her Name: Reins Mika Melitante Is the Next Filipina Model You Need to Pay Attention To

She's the first Filipina winner of Elite Model Look, an international competition hosted by Kendall Jenner's agency—and she might just be the next face to take the global fashion industry by storm.
“Here! Have some cookies,” Reins Mika Melitante offers shyly under her mask as she handed me a container of home-baked Belgian chocolate chip cookies. “My mom made them!” she adds before proceeding to give out her treats to the rest of the team. Usually, models

Ellen Adarna Is Now in a Good Place, Thank You Very Much

The actress talks about finding happiness by finding herself as she marks her return to show biz.
After nearly a year of being fodder for headlines, actress Ellen Adarna took a break from show biz and retreated from the limelight in 2017. It was only in early 2020 that she became active once again on Instagram, sharing workouts, uploading rare

BJ Pascual Reveals the Inspiration Behind Ivana Alawi's Preview Cover Shoot

Get to know more about how our fantastical cover with Ivana Alawi came to be.
We’re definitely still reeling from this month’s Preview cover with our October muse Ivana Alawi. If you’re dying to know more about the magic behind the actress’ whimsical labada photos, then you’re in luck because celebrity photographer BJ Pascual has got it covered!TOP

This Illustrator Started a Preview Cover Challenge on Social Media

What would your art work look like on the cover of Preview?
The hashtag #VogueChallenge trended on social media around the second week of June, with netizens photoshopping themselves on the cover of the fashion magazine and posting these on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. The variety of images that came forward were a celebration

Cristine Reyes Is Back, and She's Not the Same Person We All Once Knew

Far from the sexy screen siren we once saw her as, Cristine Reyes is back in the limelight like we've never seen her before.
Cristine Reyes is not what I expected. Devoid of the usual flock of people celebrities would usually have tagging along as part of their entourage, the actress sauntered in the studio, makeup-free, clad in a loose T-shirt and sneakers. Her most striking

Scarlet Snow Belo Is the Future of Beauty

An heiress to a beauty empire, this three-year-old definitely isn't your run-of-the-mill kid.
There are children of famous parents, and then there are those whose names deserve their own recognition regardless of their lineage. Scarlet Snow Belo, at three years old, has already carved out her own mold. Her Instagram page has 2.6 million followers,

Olivia Reyes' BTS Video from Her Cover Shoot Is the Cutest Thing Ever

She's officially our youngest Preview cover girl!
It's official: Olivia Manzano-Reyes is Preview's youngest ever cover gal! Of course, nobody could be prouder than this three-year-old's parents! We guarantee that momma Andi Manzano-Reyes's excitement and full support was palpable throughout the entirety of her little girl's shoot, and now

A Year in Review: Vote for Your Favorite Preview Cover of 2017!

A look back on all the women (and men!) that graced our front page this year.
2017 is almost over, which means we've gone through another round of 11 issues and of course, 11 covers. But before the year ends, we want to ask you something we've been waiting to ask all year: What's your favorite Preview cover