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5 Must-See Celebrity Closets

Closet pegs!!
5 Must-See Celebrity Closets Closet pegs!!

How lovely it is to look at organized closets and cabinets! Imagine how easy it would be to look for your favorite pair of jeans or that particular shirt you oh-so-love to wear on weekends if everything is in its proper place—dresses in hangers, clothes neatly folded, and your trusty shoes all lined up.

If you’re planning to work on your storage woes soon, you may want to take cues from the stylish celebs. What do Nikki Gil, Toni and Alex Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, and Pauleen Luna have in common? These ladies all have tidy closets that you can use as pegs. Even if you have a small space to work with, we’re sure that you can still pick up a tip or two:


To keep her things in place, Nikki arranges her clothes by type and color. This helps her find a specific piece that she needs without the fuss.

To complete the space, she also has her own makeup mirror with professional lighting. This allows the VJ to prep for events, tapings, and special occasions.

(Photos by Rene Mejia)


Most of Toni's clothes are also arranged per color. If you, too, love collecting pieces according to shades, you may want to separate the light-colored ones from the dark pieces. You can also separate the jeans from the dresses, and the casual ones from those that you only wear during formal events.

For those who love shoes, you can also opt for open racks where you can hang and display your favorite pairs. 


As if to match with her bubbly personality, Alex's closet has colorful pieces—including tons of bags! A pink ottoman serves as an accent piece and it's also functional—especially if the actress is trying on different shoes.


If you have lots of bags at home, you may also store them in shelves or glass display cabinets. 

Storing your shoes and bags in open shelves and cabinets can make it easier for you to locate the things that you need in a snap.

(Photos by Mike Dee)


Bea Alonzo's walk-in closet also has shelves, racks, and her own makeup corner.

To maximize space in a small closet, invest in proper storage solutions like shelves, racks, and built-in solutions. Since these are versatile options, you can use each to store bags, clothes, and shoes. Make sure you also have proper lighting to make dressing up easier.

(Photo by Rene Mejia)



When it comes to organizing your clothes and personal belongings, you may choose not to display everything! Take inspiration from Pauleen Luna's spacious walk-in closet. You can keep clothes and other essentials inside cabinets. Doing this can lessen the eyesores in your space and keep clutter at bay.

Allow your shoes to breathe by opting for open cabinets. You can group them per color, type, or use. 

(Photos by Rene Mejia)

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