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10 Local Celebrity Vlogs to Subscribe to Right Now

Check out the visual diaries of Bea Alonzo, Alex Gonzaga, and more celebs.
These days, there are so many avenues where you can express yourself online, but there’s only so much that you can say in a tweet or an Instagram caption. A vlog is great for sharing a bigger chunk of the picture in

Watch Alex and Toni Gonzaga React to Each Other's Old OOTDs

See which outfits they love, hate, and regret wearing!
Alex and Toni Gonzaga are two funny gals, but they're an even more comedic duo when they're together. Be it Alex's quick-witted remarks or Toni's smart humor, the Gonzaga sisters know how to poke fun at anything (most of the time, at

How to Grow Out Your Pixie Cut

No awkward stages here!
When you're over your current hairstyle and want to change it up, usually you let it grow on its own, right? And once you have the desired length, that's when you cut it to get the style you want. But, the same

13 of the Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2018

It was a whirlwind of a year for celebrity tresses.
It's been a whirlwind of a year for celebrity tresses. Just in 2018, we've witnessed everything from subtle snips to complete overhauls that instantly broke the internet. So as the year comes to a close, we're rounding up the hair transformations that

Stronger Together: Toni and Alex Gonzaga's Success Lies in Each Other

There’s more to this dynamic duo than meets the eye.
When one thinks of comediennes in the local showbiz industry, one is bound to name sisters Toni Gonzaga-Soriano and Alex Gonzaga. The two are known for their hosting gigs on TV shows where they showcase their playful and witty banter. They’ve each

25 Local Celebrities Who Can Rock a Power Suit

These ladies know how to suit up!
The power suit is back in style! From Liza Soberano to Kathryn Bernardo, our favorite celebrities are taking a feminine spin on these often-formal structured co-ords—and we just can’t get enough of it! Often a show of strength and authority, wearing a

5 Dainty Chic OOTDs by Toni Gonzaga

So ladylike, so stylish.
Okay, real talk: Toni Gonzaga is always fresh. The young mom is constantly radiating a happy glow, but she's on point even style-wise! Below, five solid bits of proof that Toni's look is the pinnacle of chic daintiness.She's always dressed by Stylized

9 Local Celebs Who Can’t Get Enough of Scarlet Snow Belo

She’s indeed the new It baby!
With her charming puppy dog eyes, chubby cheeks, and naturally rosy pout—there is no doubt Scarlet Snow Belo is an It girl in the making! We just can’t get enough of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho’s one-year-old cutie, and not that we’re surprised,

13 Local Celebs Who Make Us Want to Travel to New York

Discover what awaits you at The Big Apple.
Ask any fashion girl for her travel bucket list and New York would definitely be one of the top answers. From shopping to sightseeing, the city that never sleeps will keep anyone busy and in love at the same time. There’s Central

Here’s the New OOTD Trend You Need to Master, Stat!

See how the celebrities are doing it.
How far should you be willing to go to take that perfect OOTD shot? Well, until you make it across the street, it seems.Forget your default lackluster pose of standing still with an awkward smile. A new OOTD trend is sweeping the

These Celeb Photos Explain Why You Have to Experience Amanpulo

Or make you go green with envy.
At a recent interview we did with Kathryn Bernardo for her book, Everyday Kath: Kathryn Bernardo’s 365 Ways To Be Your Own Teen Queen, she mentioned that, if given a chance, she'd visit Amanpulo. And who wouldn’t? We heard even Kim Kardashian

5 Celebs Who Traveled in Style Over the Holidays

Maine Mendoza, Heart Evangelista, and more.
Below, the stylish stars who made it to this week's Top Celebrity OOTDs:What better way to add a pop of color to your black sweater and blue jeans combo than with a pink leather jacket, right? Take it from the hot momma Sarah

5 Must-See Celebrity Closets

Closet pegs!!
How lovely it is to look at organized closets and cabinets! Imagine how easy it would be to look for your favorite pair of jeans or that particular shirt you oh-so-love to wear on weekends if everything is in its proper place—dresses

Alex and Toni Gonzaga's Classic House in Taytay, Rizal

Enter the sisters' dream house.
On their own, Toni and Alex Gonzaga are already formidable forces to be reckoned with—both sisters are multimedia stars that have made it as hosts, actresses, singers, and endorsers in their own right. However, when they are together, something magical happens. Case in

12 Local Celebrity BFFs Who Represent Our #FriendshipGoals

Boyfriends come and go but best friends are forever.
We all belong to some sort of squad or barkada, but at the end of the day, there’s always that one pal who knows you from head to toe better than, well, yourself. You share jokes only the two of you understand,

9 Local Celebs and Their Engagement Rings

Sealed with a rock.
When it comes to tying the knot, we can always count on Celebrityville to have the grandest, most enviable engagements. Just like in the movies, the stars seal the deal with a sparkling big rock as if to let the world know

10 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear an LBD

You can never go wrong with a little black dress.
According to the brilliant Karl Lagerfeld himself, "One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress." It's a must-have for every girl and a classic closet staple that you'd never regret investing in. Herewith, 10 celebrity outfit pegs for your

5 Celebrity Stunners at the 63rd FAMAS Awards 2015

See who wowed us on the red carpet this year.
As much as we look forward to knowing who bagged the trophies at the annual FAMAS Awards Night, we can’t help but feel even more excited to find out who wore who. While some received a standing ovation for their acting chops,