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The 4 Commandments of Traveling on a Budget

A Conde Nast approved blogger shares her tips.
The 4 Commandments of Traveling on a Budget A Conde Nast approved blogger shares her tips.

“Live heavy, travel light.”

This is the mantra that Australia-based Filipino travel blogger Aubrey Daquinag lives by. Like most of us, the 27-year old founder of The Love Assembly and contributor to Condé Nast Traveller is a young creative who wants to see places on her own (and fine, blog about them), even if that means having a more limited budget. Style Bible chatted her up for some tips on traveling within your means.


TIP #1: “I travel during the low season.”

It’s a lot lighter on the pocket and it saves you the hassle of long lines at the airport and having to deal with a ton of other tourists.

TIP #2: “I create folders for places I want to visit and check them once I end up booking.”

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Aubrey admits to having a hotels board on Pinterest. She also likes to save things she sees on the web and categorizes them in different folders according to location. Once she’s booked, she reopens the folder and finds a list of places to visit, restaurants to try, and other things that she could do during her trip.


TIP #3: “I fit everything in just one hand carry bag.”

For her most recent visit to Manila, Aubrey confesses to just having a pair of jeans, a skirt, 4 tops, 3 pairs of shoes, and a dress inside her hand carry—all that in one hand carried bag. Pro tip: She sticks to all things black. That way it’s easier to mix, match, and repeat items. She then has a separate tote where she keeps her gadgets. No checked-in luggage.


TIP #4: “Downsize your beauty kit.”

Toiletries are often provided by the hotel or can easily be bought at a local convenience store. To save space, all that Audrey brings is her facial wash (put in a travel-sized bottle), her tinted moisturizer with SPF (three products in one), her lipstick which also doubles as her blush, a tube of mascara, and concealer. 

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