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How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently to Prevent Wrinkled Clothing

Especially if you're just bringing a carry-on!
What you pack in your travel bag can make or break your trip, and packing efficiently can help guarantee that you will have everything you'll need.Proof? A survey has previously revealed that one out of two Filipinos wastes an average of four vacation

How to Avoid Overpacking for a Trip

Time to use the KonMari method on your suitcase.
One of the greatest pains when it comes to traveling is packing. Filipinos, in general, tend to fill their suitcases with too many clothes, toiletries, and shoes in an attempt to be prepared for any situation. If you correctly trim down the

Everything You Need to Bring for Your Next Trip to Japan

Make sure you have these essentials!
With the Japanese government relaxing its reins on visa requirements for Filipino tourists and businessmen, it's imminent that a trip to the East Asian country is in your near future. If you're looking to avoid overpacking, here are some of the essentials

25 Expert Packing Tips According to Fashion Editors

Tips and tricks from packing experts!
Packing your luggage is one of the most challenging parts of traveling. Therefore, if you're in need of some guidance, here are four Preview editors who will show you how to ace your packing woes. From their world travels and experiences, they've

How to Pack 14 Outfits in a Carry On Bag

Happy travels!
Truth be told, we're always on the lookout for travel tips that make life easier. Especially when they involve getting the most out of your luggage space. That's why when we came across this video, we just had to take notes. In the

12 Tips on How to Travel with Only a Carry-On

Learn from this stylish mom!
Meet Maricar Totengco, an expert traveler with a knack for traveling light. She only carries one carry-on luggage, yet she somehow manages to stow all her necessities and clothes in one bag.In an interview with Preview, Maricar stresses that it's hard to

Louis Vuitton’s New Rolling Luggage Will Take You to Places

These are game-changers!
Louis Vuitton is set on making packing and traveling easier with its new line of rolling luggage fit for the 21st century traveler. Designed by renowned Australian industrial designer Marc Newson, these new LV trunks are slim, elastic, and shock-proof with a

This Fashion Editor Has a Brilliant Trick for Overpackers

Because it will make your life so much easier!
In this digital age, packing your wardrobe for a trip has become as equally important as booking the trip itself. As any fashion girl would attest to, deciding what to bring in order to nail that #OOTD can be particularly taxing. Well,

This is What Aimee Song Packed for Her Trip to Manila

Last minute packing at its finest.
Fashion blogger Aimee Song (of Song of Style) is a all over the place, literally. One look at her Instagram feed and you'll know she's been to Manila, Cebu, London, Venice, Milan, and Cannes. Six cities in one month? Now here's a girl who's

Jet Set Club: How to Pack Your Beauty Essentials

Live heavy, travel light.
Booking a flight and planning out your travel outfits are the fun bits of packing for a trip. But as for downsizing and organizing your beauty products, well, that’s another thing. Nothing is worse than being asked to leave your favorite can

How to Pack for a Trip Like a Fashion Editor

Listen up because this is their area of expertise.
Everyone knows, the real traveling sitch begins even before you leave your bedroom. Packing is never easy for the fashion girl whose vocabulary doesn’t include packing lightly. But where shopping and traveling are concerned, you only have one option, and that is

The 4 Commandments of Traveling on a Budget

A Conde Nast approved blogger shares her tips.
“Live heavy, travel light.”This is the mantra that Australia-based Filipino travel blogger Aubrey Daquinag lives by. Like most of us, the 27-year old founder of The Love Assembly and contributor to Condé Nast Traveller is a young creative who wants to see places


Notes from Daryl Chang.
(Photographed by Jeanne Young for Preview May 2015)There are two kinds of packers in this world: the first just dumps everything she thinks she’ll need for the trip inside her overnight duffel, and the second packs by the outfit, calculating just how much

How To Dress Like A Babe In The Winter

Traveling to beat the heat? Here's the Style Bible advisory for looking cute in the cold.
Via @michelleeloiseOn your next trip somewhere colder than Manila, please do not borrow the padded nylon windbreaker your mountaineering cousin takes with her to Sagada, or layer multiple acrylic-knit sweaters, rotating them daily for a new “outfit” everyday, don’t even think about

12 Things To Pack For The 10 Long Weekends This 2015

We predict that 2015 will be nothing short of awesome.
Hey there, jetsetter! In case you haven’t heard, there are ten(!) OFFICIAL long weekends this year–not to mention three more that are still pending declaration.Blue means it's time to hit the beach. (’ll give you time to take in the good news,

Travel Packing 101

Here's a fool-proof way to pack for a trip.
We know a lot of girls will agree when we say that as much as we love going on trips, we also dread the daunting task that is packing. Not only do we all want to be prepared for whatever activity may

#travelthursday Essential: Bag Organizer

Don't underestimate the perks of using these baggies.
We have a long-time love-hate relationship with packing and we bet you feel the same. We try not to be overly dramatic, but while it excites us to prepare for a trip, the packing part is both dreadful and excruciating, right, right?