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12 Easy Fashion Trends To Try For Each Month of 2019

Are you up to the challenge?
12 Easy Fashion Trends To Try For Each Month of 2019
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Are you up to the challenge?

It's a brand spankin' new year, totally rife with style possibilities you can't even begin to imagine! We're 100% not sorry for our enthusiasm, so you may as well let us reel you in with a challenge we hope you won't be able to resist—why not sample one trend per month this 2019? Here, we've jotted all 12 down for you.

January: Coral everything

We were positively obsessed with Living Coral the very second it was announced as 2019's official Pantone Color of the Year. What better time to don it head-to-toe monochrome than month one?

February: Headbands

Amp your barrette obsession up a notch. Cue a touch of easy, old-school romance, and a cute way to stay chic while growing your bangs out! We're predicting there are going to be a ton of optionspearl-dusted, jewel-encrusted, and the likeavailable, so await ripe pickings.

March: Cargo pants

Utility is a big keyword. Take note! Expect a deluge of these delightfully baggy, multi-pocketed numbers (camouflage is looking to be a preference) teamed with comfy logo-emblazoned hoodies and sneakers of the currently ubiquitous chunky variety. It's 2019's ode to the pants-droppin' '90s cool kids.


April: Tie-dye

Summer's here! While you may not be shipped off to kids' camp, you can still rock tie-dye like you did back in the day. Arts and crafts know no age. There are two ways you might wanna go: Sport a baby tee cropped over the aforementioned cargos, or layer it with a turtleneck and corduroy pencil skirt for somethin' cute yet office-ready. Sherbet shades mandatory.

May: Bermuda shorts

Ah, long shorts, fashion's ultimate middleman. We've already proposed that bermudas replace your tired ol' culottes, and it may (get it?!) be time to heed our sage advice. Denim is your quick ticket in, if the cotton and poplin of the early 2000s ain't your beat! These look cool with anything right now.

June: Chic waterproofing 

If, like yours truly, you can't get those see-through, candied plastic coats on the Spring-Summer 2019 runways of Sies Marjan and Kate Spade out of your head, you'd better make a splash. High on June's typical schedule are typhoons and monsoon showers galore, so you might as well look stylish even while submerged! Pair with even the most nondescript, supermarket-bought rain boots. Foolproof and waterproof.


July: Square toes

We adore the retro appeal of a square toe. Summer 2018 saw the strappy sandal version reign supreme, so our proposition for this year is to let its demure cousin, the pump, take a turn. Ladylike.

August: Puffy sleeves

Arms remain bold, but not as boxy or padded. A flawless in-between? Puffy sleeves, preferably in neat off-white linen dotted with huge mother-of-pearl buttons. A peasant blouse will do just as well!

September: Asymmetrical lines

Whether it's down to uneven shoulders or handkerchief-esque, scarf-like hemlines, just make sure nothing's dancing in a straight line. Jagged skirts and tipsy decolletages are our pick!

October: Tiger stripes

Maybe leopard was a bit too flashy for you, but in embracing tiger print, just think of it this way: it's a regular ol' stripe, just zanier, wilder, and a ton more fun. Dip a toe in with something safe, like the usual orange, white, and black palette...or mix it up in rainbow hues. It's up to you!


November: Ruching

We gather that, uh, gathered details are the route to statement-making sans too much color, should you prefer a bit of peace and quiet. It's anything but boring, though! A classic checked skirt, for example, speeds up a mile a minute when ruched up the middle. Gotta love an optional slit.

December: Feathered accessories

Party season should be riiight around the corner by now, and it's time to stock up on statement accessories that'll liven up any of your 200 trusty LBDs (or even a t-shirt and jeans). Our top candidate: feathered friends!