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12 Best Style Decisions That Local Celebs Made in 2017

Only one question: Did he or she look good?
12 Best Style Decisions That Local Celebs Made in 2017
Only one question: Did he or she look good?

In an era where on-duty and off-duty style are oftentimes difficult to distinguish and whether a particular look was created by a stylist or picked by the individual, only one question remains: Did he or she look good?

To cap off another year of artista-slash-celebrity style, we picked 12 individuals who made the best dressing-up decisions during the last 12 months. They made big style switches, worked with the best designers and stylists, bought the best things money can buy or refined their personal style. And to answer the aforementioned question: Yes, they did look good.

Julia Barretto traded princess styling for womanly chic at the Star Magic Ball.

The Barretto girl du jour is all woman now, embracing her new physique and making grown-up sartorial choices such as this slinky pick for this year’s Star Magic Ball. This leap from her sweeping ball skirt phase is something we love (to the stars and back).


With her debutante days behind her, we look forward to Julia’s braver fashion choices.

Jinkee Pacquiao opted for a designer edit-down for Preview’s Best Dressed issue.

Logomania will not leave anytime soon but here’s something more enduring: Images of Jinkee Pacquiao wearing tonal dresses and separates from her designer-heavy closet. Sans the shock and awe of logos, graffiti, and patchwork, she truly looks like the modern royal she is.

Toned-down, tonal style looks better on Mrs. Pacquiao, yes?

Regine Velasquez switched back to full Songbird mode for R3.0.

When Regine sheds her missus-and-mom threads and asks the local designers on her speed dial (Martin Bautista and Cary Santiago, among others) to dress her up for a major career highlight, we are reminded—visually, at least—that she is the one and only Songbird there ever is. Now, when she starts to hit the high notes is its own story.


No other contemporary Filipina singer plays with fashion as much as Regine Velasquez.

Sarah Lahbati’s contemporary wardrobe renders the maternity section obsolete.

The difference between non-pregnant Sarah Lahabati and pregnant Sarah Lahbati? A growing tummy and practically nothing more. Cheers to this stylish mother for staying the course and never crossing over to frumpy territory even if it was probably the most comfortable thing to do.

We admire the courage of pregnant stylish women who insist on still looking fashionable.

BJ Pascual invoked the spirit of David Bowie with his gender-bending style.

Already well-dressed even before making it to’s Best Dressed List, photographer BJ Pascual was rather consistent in infusing feminine touches to his wardrobe for most of 2017: block heels, a corsage or a plunging neckline. Coupled with his baby boy looks, the total look impresses overall.

Borrowing from the girls should be as common as borrowing from the boys, don’t you think?



Juliana Gomez avoided hand-me-down territory with a style all her own.

Having a stylish woman for a mother presents a tricky situation: Should you take exactly after her style or carve your own niche? Post-pubescent Juliana Gomez, offspring of Preview Best Dressed Girl Lucy Torres (and ruggedly handsome Richard Gomez, too), chooses to merge both with her combination of sweet (definitely her mother’s) and street (all her own).

The first true Bench baby is a style star in waiting.

Raymond Gutierrez lost the poundage and gained huge style points.

If the human body is nothing more than a blank canvas for clothes to fill, Raymond decided and committed to be the healthiest—and sexiest—blank canvas he could ever be. All the dieting and exercising paid off this year and it shows in how he works all those outfits on his IG feed. I mean, look at that!

Fitness and style require loads of commitment. The new Raymond knows this very well.


Lovi Poe covered up at Vicki and Hayden’s wedding and still came out the sexiest of them all.

Perennially sensual Lovi outdid herself in Paris when she stepped out in a black Mark Bumgarner ballgown that served (elegant) business in the front and party in the back. We’ve seen her in various iterations of sexy—old Hollywood and hubadera alike—but this particular idea is her best yet.

Win-win situation: She’s sexy when covered up, she’s sexy when she’s not.

Jericho Rosales stayed fresh by looking old school.

It’s a treat to see Preview Best Dressed lister Jericho move about in beachwear (Have you seen Siargao?) or his biker best. But when he decides to turns up dashing like a movie star from the 1940s with his tousled curls, tailored shirts, and pleater trousers, we are thrilled!

Dashing and debonair sound like new adjectives when associated with Jericho’s old school style.



Ylona Garcia impressed us with her style star potential at the Star Magic Ball.

Nadine, Julia, and Liza sit on the throne today with their box-office draw and artista style but who will take over when they graduate to Anne Curtis and Heart Evangelista territory? The answer came in the form of the charming and talented Ylona Garcia, who dressed up in Martin Bautista at the Star Magic Ball embodying the future of teen royalty.

The moment we saw Ylona sport a choker throughout her PBB stint, our stylist instincts proved accurate.

Anne Curtis reasserted true fashion persona at her pre-wedding party.

While there is a sizeable number of brides out there—celebrity or not—whose personal styles are drowned out by the amount of curls, makeup, lace and tulle they choose to wear to their wedding functions, Anne chose to keep it fun and playful a day before her wedding. In fact, we’d have been cool if she officially married in her YSL sunnies and Vera Wang slip!


Anne Curtis on normal workday versus Anne Curtis on a special day invoke the same sartorial spirit.

Maine Mendoza took off her Yaya Dub apron to reveal her chic high-low wardrobe.

This year’s Best Dressed headliner is a surprise style-setter. Who knew that behind that now iconic apron is a rather stylish girl with an appetite for shopping abroad, a growing collection of fancy shoes and bags and a default aesthetic of cool, comfortable, and chic?

Whether the mode is apron on or apron off, Maine Mendoza commands our attention.