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10 Cool Ways to Wear Your Black Sneakers

They can be deceivingly tricky to style!
10 Cool Ways to Wear Your Black Sneakers They can be deceivingly tricky to style!

White sneakers? Breezy and easy peasy. Their all-black counterparts are, admittedly, a little trickier to wear—there's that lingering fear of looking like your legs are a lot shorter than they actually are! Black kicks do tend to cut off your stems, but that's nothing some clever styling can't fix. Keep scrolling for 10 cool and easy ways to finally step out in those jet sneaks!

Irene Kim's formula is both achingly chic and totally foolproof: tank top + this season's flared jeans. No sweat!

Speaking of casual, you can trek the athlesiure way like Laureen Uy. From workout to #werq real quick!

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On the polar end of the spectrum, don't be afraid to shine—literally. Classic black kicks temper the punch of head-to-toe sequins!


IMAGE The Haute Pursuit/Vanessa Hong

Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit gets ultra-sweet in a billowy, asymmetrical-hemmed shift dress. Plus points for that sugar-sweet pink shade!

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Snap up that '90s street cred in a mesh rugby shirt and gym shorts. Comfy and stylish.

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The shearling jacket is optional in our tropical weather, of course, but it's always a welcome finishing touch to a band tee and distressed jeans combo.


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Go right ahead and take your kicks to work, so long as you pair it with crisp, tailored pieces.

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Another no-fail styling trick? Go black-and-white monochrome!

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Wear your sneaks with all your timeless faves, including a powder blue shirtdress and that trusty leather jacket.


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The dress-over-pants thing is still, well, a thing, and we're 100% for it. All black helps lengthen you, tricking the eye into seeing a mile-long line.