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15 Local Shops Where You Can Buy Ceramic Ware Under P500

Looking for dinnerware that won't dent your budget? Start here!
15 Local Shops Where You Can Buy Ceramic Ware Under P500
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Looking for dinnerware that won't dent your budget? Start here!

Quarantine made me do it. There, I said it. That explains the mound of plates and bowls taking over my room. When there's nothing to do and nowhere to go, online shopping has been some sort of my happy solace. And my current obsession? Affordable ceramic ware!

Locally, Instagram shops have been popping here and there with curated vintage ceramics that are tagged with prices you can't resist. As someone who had been (okay—still is) down this rabbit hole, this has changed my life. Moving into a new home can be costly and I need more affordable options that don't compromise style. If you're like me, looking for aesthetic dinnerware and decor that won't dent your budget, I found 15 local shops that will let you buy chic ceramic ware for under P500.

But, I must warn you! You better buy with intent and dedication. That means, turning on notifs for when these shops post a new collection and typing "Mine!" swiftly like your life depended on it. Their pieces go by in a blink as items are in limited quantity and are never restocked.

Now, without further ado, here are all the cool shops with ceramic wares that are definitely a steal.

1. Deko PH

Minimalist fans, rejoice! Deko's out to win your heart with their simple yet aesthetic pieces. Owner Beatrice Dacara shares that while Deko leans more towards uncomplicated style, they "follow no rule bookwhatever looks aesthetically pleasing and is functional, [they] will glady sell to [their] customers."


Price range: P80 to P1100

2. That Crazy Plate Lady

That Crazy Plate Lady is indeed a cray collector of vintage ceramics, stoneware, and earthenware that packs a lot of character. You won't regret hoarding blue and white plates with intricate prints, perfect to make your merienda uber Instagrammable.

Price range: P150 (for a set) to P1100

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3. Tone Studio

Hue addicts, raise your hands! Tone Studio has more pieces that will add color to your lives and homes. We're crushing on their functional yet unique vases and figurines. 

Price range: P150 to P1200

4. Dequoria

Dequoria's image of a stylish home considers upcycled ceramics and dinnerware that aren't just limited to holding your food. Saucers can be used as a trinket dish, succulents can find a place in your bowls, and so on. They've got cool pieces that are multipurpose, making each purchase worth every penny.


Price range: P80 to P170

5. Vintage Therapy

If you've got love for oriental-looking place, Vintage Therapy will surely make your dreams come true. They also have modern plates that are carefully curated to go well with your fave vintage finds.


Price range:  P150 to P1000+

6. Ureshii

Ureshii believes in Japanese minimalism, meaning you'll love their simple and clean pieces in "soft color palette with creams, whites, and wood tones that allows the eye to focus on what is esential: The details of the item."

Price range: P100 to P1000

7. Mira Maru Home

This one-woman shop boasts of pieces you can easily incorporate into your home. After all, Mira Maru translates to "wonderful togetherness," and is intended to let its patrons purchase quirky home pieces to love and to hold forever.


Price range: P150 to P1200

8. Vintage Accent

True to its name, Vintage Accent has loads of rustic and vintage items you'll love for your space. They curate not just plates, but also lovely tea sets, goblets, and glasses, plus budget-friendly home decor.


Price range: 50 to P2500 for tableware and P100 to P2500 for home decor

9. Peacherino

Peacherino promises to uplift your mood and to improve your everyday living with their unique and charming pieces. They carefully curate each collection to suit your aesthetic, and unlike usual IG shops, Peacherino actually has a working website! This elevates your shopping experience, giving you an up close and detailed look and real-time availability of all their items. You can also finish your transaction there, making each purchase super easy and straightforward.


Price range: P100 to P1500

10. AE Ceramics

This Batangas-based shop offers "cozy rustic-inspired stonewares" that come in warm earth tone hues. You'll love their affordable plates and tea sets that will let you start mornings with a smile.

Price range: Starts at P50

11. Tamarind Ave

Davao-based shop Tamarind Ave has an enviable collection of wares perfect for those who are into soft minimalism. Neutral-colored pieces dominate the shop, peppered with one-of-a-kind pastel plates you'll want to collect. Oh, and did we mention they also sell scented soy candles? So nice!


Price range: Wares start at P180; Soy candles start at P450

12. Belle's Homeware Living

Think of Belle's Homewas Living as a friend who's out to help you pick the prettiest pieces for your home! Anabelle, the owner, says that she handpicks the wares herself. In fact, she only puts out items that she would buy for herself or her close gals!


Price range: P100 to P500; They also have a vinatge line that consists of pieces bought from the owner's past international travels. This collection starts at P1000.

13. Alboe Shop

ALBOE is an adorable acronym that stands for "A Little Bit of Everything," that brings its patrons a sense of lightness and optimism through their specially curated products. "We want to feel like an old friend that gets just as giddy as you about random beautiful finds," they said. And true to its word, ALBOE has exciting finds like a Kalita 102 ceramic dripper, blue-speckled bowls, glass milk bottles, and more!


Price range: P200 to P1o00

14. Lorrel

Influenced by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi or beauty in imperfection, Lorrel likes to bring its customers joy with rustic and beautifully crackled pieces. Straight from Japan, Crystal brings home unique pieces that she hopes to carry so much more character into your space.


Price range: P60 to P500

15. Vintage Vibe

You may want to make more space in your cupboards if you're perusing Vintage Vibe's IG shop. Victoria Lee, its owner, is a dedicated ceramic shopper who curates all the best crockeries and tableware you'll want to collect for yourself.


Price range: P50 to P2500

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