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Carla Humphries Has Talent Up Her Sleeve and She's Not Afraid to Show It

Carla is all set to share her simmering potential.
Carla Humphries Has Talent Up Her Sleeve and She's Not Afraid to Show It
IMAGE Magic Liwanag
Carla is all set to share her simmering potential.

Carla enters the studio quietly and slowly warms up the room. She interacts with everyone in her own quiet way. Each effort was an ice breaker that thawed out the strangers gathered in the room for her. Be it pranking the photographer, snapping selfies with the makeup artist, or simply starting a conversation where everyone can jump in, you can tell that Carla is mindful of the people around her.

And this observation came as a surpise to me as Carla Humphries is a name that you just know. She's an actress who started at a young age, but has never fully gotten a big break. She herself is aware of her unsure place in the industry. "I didn't really feel the love. I think my industry didn't really know how to place me. I kind of felt it too."

IMAGE Magic Liwanag

Carla wears a sleeveless top and wide-leg printed trousers from Una Rosa, velvet coat and glittered boots from Forever 21.

Perhaps this comes with the fact that at a young age, Carla suffered an identity crisis that, from her vantage point, blurred out her self-realization. "Carla is a little bit more undefined. Maybe because I started before my formative years. So I was a preteen, and I don't really have an identity yet and all of a sudden I had to be Carla, which wasn't my real name," she shares. "I think Carla is a bit confused on what her persona exactly is and I think everyone has their own impression or idea of who Carla is. But I think it's only now that I am developing my own persona."

In our short encounter, I'm able to get a glimpse of the real her: Madeleine Humphries. I can attest to her self-descriptions: "free-spirited, international, relatable." She goes on, introducing herself without a tinge of self-doubt, "I'm very curious and I'm very eager to learn. I am very passionate, a bit artistic, very weird, clumsy, shy, funny. When people get to know Carla, I don't know if they see that side of me."

IMAGE Magic Liwanag

With her role as Joana Bonifacio in Smaller and Smaller Circles, Carla is not only able to hit refresh on her career as an actress. After being handpicked for the role, Carla also finds new direction in life. "I have always been a supressed, reserved character. Now, I am coming out of my shell and I'm really trying to introduce myself to the world. By playing Joana who's a confident, carefree, straight-to-the point woman, I would like to emulate that in the next chapter in my life since I'm really becoming a woman, I'm coming into my own skin. I'd like to say that I'm going to develop into a shade or likeness of Joana."


She's ready to ring in the new year with a positive outlook and a stronger grasp on who she is— "a more courageous and fearless Carla now that I am back," she asserts.

IMAGE Magic Liwanag

Carla wears a turtleneck from Una Rosa, flared trousers and boots from Forever 21.

Carla is all set to share with us her simmering potential. In the coming years, we'll get to know Carla's artistic side as she shares with us a couple of her plans: she's preparing to unveil a series of paintings, perhaps showcase that she's got the talent to sing jazz and the blues, or surprise everyone that she's actually a certified professional makeup artist now.

She's ready, armed with a deep comprehension of who she is, a huge surge of renewed energy and a new online platform to bring herself closer to the people. "I have this exciting feeling. I feel like great things are going to happen. I'd like to make the most out of every opportunity that comes along. I think what people can expect from me next year is really to get to know who I am."

Produced by Steph Sison

Art direction by Mark Buenaobra

Photography by Magic Liwanag

Makeup by Laila Al-Harthy for Laura Mercier

Clothes from Forever 21 and Una Rosa


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