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We Asked Vloggers and Videographers for their Preferred Video Editing Apps

Can't decide which app to use?
We Asked Vloggers and Videographers for their Preferred Video Editing Apps
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Can't decide which app to use?

So you’ve got your camera picked out, your shots in the can, and you're now ready to move on to more meticulous nitty-gritty work, a.k.a. putting your clips together. But the questiona remains, which editing app should you choose amongst the myriad of choices at your disposal online? To help you with your dilemma, we asked a few vloggers and videographers to share their preferred video editing softwares or mobile apps. Whether you enjoy doing all the work on your phone, or you’d rather buckle down in front of a laptop, there’s someting different for everyone.

Rei Germar

“I used to use Final Cut Pro in my Macbook. It’s beginner friendly but you have to buy it from the app store. I recently switched to VLLO since I’m now using an iPad Pro. It’s very easy to use and it has a lot of cute elements!”

Shaira Luna

I use Adobe Premiere Pro for my YouTube videos. It's pretty straightforward, and I'm pretty comfortable with it given my basic editing skills and needs.

Patricia Prieto

For video editing I always turn to Splice, Prequel, and InShot to edit my videos. They’re all just phone apps (cause I usually just edit on my phone) and these are not only the best for me but the easiest to use as well!

Karlo Torio

“There are a lot of emerging editing apps now that vlogging and video content are one of the most engaging material we see online. I recently found out that you can now enhance and do minimal basic color grading in the VSCO app. I’m a big fan of VSCO since its popularity in 2014 and  pre-IG story era. It’s great that whenever I post photos I can use similar filters with my videos. You can also save your “recipe” aka your personal filter adjustment which can be easily applied and placed on each material. I would highly suggest VSCO for beginners as it’s become a one-stop app for content creators like me!”


Carl Alvior

“Grew up as an Adobe baby so my go-to video editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro. I've been using this after the Windows Movie Maker era. With the right specs—enough storage, big RAM, and a great GPU—everything will be smoother for you, including the rendering, which we all know takes a lot of time! It’s also great for newbie video editors because of its tools that are easy to use and if you want to organize your workspace, you can rearrange the panels with its customizable interface.”

“If you want to level up your editing game, you’ll find lots of helpful tutorials on YouTube, too! Overall, I think Adobe Premiere Pro is a software that's very "user-friendly" and has a lot to offer for video editors/vloggers! Just don't forget that your best friend will be CTRL + S in case of unwanted errors (IYKWIM!)”

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Janeena Chan

“I use InShot! It’s user friendly, has built in music, fonts, and effects too and can edit in different aspect ratios!”

Lissa Kahayon

“I have an editor. He edits in iMovie then gets music from Thematic para it’s copyright free.”

Jorel Valmores

“I use 3 [types of] software when editing. Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve Studio 16, and Luma Fusion.

I recommend using FCPX because its user friendly and you can import effects and titles easily. But, when editing, always keep in mind your disk space because FCPX creates a duplicate of your original media in the application itself.

I color grade my footage in Davinci Resolve Studio 16, but I also edit some of my projects here when I’m using BRAW. One advantage of Resolve that other editing apps can’t master, is its color grading capabilities. Coloring in Resolve is very easy even without the panel.


I use Luma Fusion in my personal projects and when I’m on the go. The app is somehow similar to FCPX. It’s very user friendly, but you have to import music and effects in google drive or dropbox to use it in Luma Fusion.”

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