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Everything You Need to Know About "True Beauty," the New K-Drama Everyone's Talking About

It definitely deserves a spot on your watch list!
Everything You Need to Know About "True Beauty," the New K-Drama Everyone's Talking About
IMAGE True Beauty/TVN
It definitely deserves a spot on your watch list!

In case you didn’t know, a lot of your favorite K-dramas are based off of webtoons, such as What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Itaewon Class, and a whole lot more! These popular online comics are often picked up and remade as K-drama series, so it’s no surprise that True Beauty has become one of the most awaited webtoon adaptations of 2020. The original story first gained traction online as a webcomic titled Yeoshingangrim by Yaongyi. It was published on Naver Webtoon Company in 2018, and now it’s finally here as a live-action TV series!

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Curious if you should give it a chance? Here’s everything you need to know about the highly anticipated K-drama "True Beauty":

1. It has pretty impressive leads. 

This romantic comedy stars Moon Ga Young, best known for her work on Tempted, Welcome to Waikiki 2, and Find Me in Your Memory. Opposite the actress is Astro’s Cha Eun Woo who shot to fame for his main role on the 2018 drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty. But that’s not all! Joining them in the main cast is Hwang In Yeop, who has starred in dramas such as 18 Again, The Tale of Nokdu, and Why. Appearing as the second male lead, he’s set to play Han Seo-jun, the resident bad boy who gets caught in a love triangle between Ga Young and Eun Woo’s characters, Kim Ju-gyeong and Lee Su-ho! 

PHOTO BY True Beauty/TVN


2. The plot itself is heart-fluttering and light. 

It centers around high school student Lim Ju-gyeong (Moon Ga Young) who grew up feeling insecure and inferior about her appearance. She rises to fame when she masters the art of makeup and transforms into a 'pretty girl.' With her newfound popularity at school, she refuses to show her bare face to anyone. In contrast, Lee Su-ho (Cha Eun Woo) is a handsome yet coldhearted boy with a troublesome past. 

The pair cross paths and Su-ho sees Ju-gyeong barefaced, becoming the only boy who has ever seen her without makeup on. She begs him not to tell anyone her secret, even going as far as promising him that she’ll do anything he asks of her. Things begin to unravel as the pair starts to share secrets and slowly falls in love with each other. 

PHOTO BY True Beauty/TVN
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3. It’s got a talented director. 

The series is directed by Kim Sang Hyub, the same guy who helmed the 2019 teen drama Extraordinary You. If we didn’t know any better, we'd say he’s certainly got the genre down. We’re excited to see how he brings this highly anticipated webtoon adaptation to life and transforms it into a sweet and kilig K-drama! We expect nothing but good things.

4. A huge part of the story is about growth and self-confidence. 

There's more to the series than just romance and comedy. It encourages character growth as Lim Ju-gyeong tries to regain her self-confidence while discovering the real meaning of true beauty. Lots of young viewers will certainly be able to relate to this. Plus, we can’t wait to see Moon Ga Young’s portrayal and how her character will hopefully empower a lot of teens in a positive way. 

Watch the full trailer below!

True Beauty premiered on tvN last December 9, 2020 with new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday. You can now stream it online on Viu and Rakuten VIKI

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