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Here's How Taylor Swift Transformed into "The Man" in Her Latest Music Video

Here's How Taylor Swift Transformed into "The Man" in Her Latest Music Video
IMAGE YOUTUBE/taylorswift, INSTAGRAM/bcorso
Have you met Tyler Swift?

Taylor Swift just made a powerful statement in her latest music video: She can do it all. For her new MV, Taylor brings to life The Man. Here, Taytay illustrates how some behaviors are forgiven when done by men, but are scrutinized when done by women. Her lyrics echo something TSwift has personally gone through⁠—evidenced by her highly publicized love life, her battle against sexual harassment, as well as her on-going fight to reclaim her own music. 

But while the lyrics and tune of this feminist anthem are enough to have you bopping to it the entire week, the music video portrays the message even clearer. It follows a man going about his usual week: work, parental duties, parties, vacations. He is celebrated doing even the most mundane things depsite being extremely brash, acting rudely, and evenbeing physically violent. But being "the man," he can simply get away with everything. He's unscathed and lives without dealing with consequences. 


As you keep watching, Swifties know the drill: Keep an eye out for easter eggs. And boy, the video is indeed rife with them! Did you spot that No Scooter sign, pointing to her feud with music producer Scooter Braun? How about that tennis scene referencing Serena Williams' on-court "rage"? Heck, maybe you even noticed that hallway that looks uncannily like what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have at home!

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But the biggest twist of all has been sitting right in front of us: The Man (a.k.a Tyler Swift) in the video is actually Taylor Swift! The music video's credits rolled and shocked us with its sequence of photos, documenting her transformation. Taylor was simply unrecognizable! 

Kudos to you, Taytay! You really are the man! Watch her music video again below!

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