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Did You Know? Korea Has Actually Nicknamed Song Kang the "Son of Netflix"

With "Love Alarm 2," the actor now has three Netflix Originals under his belt!
Did You Know? Korea Has Actually Nicknamed Song Kang the "Son of Netflix"
IMAGE Netflix
With "Love Alarm 2," the actor now has three Netflix Originals under his belt!

It’s one thing to make your big break as an actor on the world’s most famous streaming service, but to be actually referred to as the “Son of Netflix” is a whole different level! Yes, the nickname exists—and in case you’ve been out of the loop, for Netflix Korea, the title currently belongs to the one and only Song Kang!

PHOTO BY Netflix

He was initially given that moniker last year after being cast as the lead of Sweet Home, following the success of his first Netflix original series, Love Alarm. As we know now, both dramas turned out to be pretty big hits, with the former even spawning a frenzy-inducing second season. Additionally, Sweet Home also earned a spot in Netflix's Top 10 in the US for quite some time after it’s release.

Looking at the results, it’s safe to say Netflix definitely hit the jackpot with Song Kang. Of course, their love for the 26-year-old actor doesn’t stop at casting him for originals. They’re even investing on his other projects outside of the platform. Case in point: Netflix is also adding his upcoming TVN ballet drama, Navillera, to their library real soon!


Seeing how he's blessed with undeniable talent and painstakingly good looks, we're not surprised as to why the endearing nickname was bestowed upon him. In the recent presscon for Love Alarm 2, Kang directly addressed the title, stating that working with Netflix brings him both honor and joy. He humbly said, “In 2019, Love Alarm was my first one, and then [Love Alarm 2] is my third original series. I always have a great time and we make great memories together so I’m just very happy to be able to work with them.” 

Now in 2021, the actor is going back to his roots as he reprises his beloved role as the handsome and sweet Hwang Sun-oh for the second season of Love Alarm. That said, the actor admitted that his character is a completely different person now. The show’s director, Kim Jin Woo, agreed, acknowledging that Sun-oh grew the most amongst the main characters, “We put a lot of thought in [Sun-oh] and Song Kang himself thought long and hard about this character as he was thinking from Sun-oh’s perspective. And I think if you try to put a lot of thought into interpreting him, the character always ends up growing and becoming more mature.” 

PHOTO BY Netflix
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Song Kang confessed that Sun-oh’s story, coupled with the actor truly embodying his role, resulted in him breaking out into tears more than usual this time around. He explains, “The conflicts from the previous season have evolved and I have to overcome those challenges. I rewatched season one again and as I was trying to act out those scenes where I had to cry, I became Sun-oh literally and I think that’s why I shed a lot of tears.” 

PHOTO BY Netflix

Hearing that, we’re extremely excited to see his performance in the new season and how this leg of the story will unfold.

You can now stream Love Alarm Season 2 exclusively on Netflix. 

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