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These SONA 2018 Memes Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

God bless the internet.
These SONA 2018 Memes Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
ILLUSTRATOR Mark Buenaobra
God bless the internet.

As per usual, you can count on the internet to have zero chill and have a hundred percent voracity for some dank memes—especially if we're talking about relevant matters, like the recently-concluded State of the Nation Address. In this edition of meme roundups, we take a look at all the action that went down during SONA 2018.

1. If looks could kill... 


2. Indeed, we have our very own social event of the season.

3. That moment when you didn't come prepared for the class picture... 

4. But it turns out nicely anyway.

5. This movie's gonna be a blockbuster for sure!

6. We're seeing double... 

7. Here's another one—SONA or Salon?

8. Louder for the people at the back.

9. And then there's also this remake of a Meteor Garden scene...

10. Fashion inspiration does come from everywhere.