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PSA: You Now Have to Dial an Extra Digit When Calling a Landline Number

PSA: You Now Have to Dial an Extra Digit When Calling a Landline Number
There's also an app to help you out!

In case you didn't know yet, you'll now have to dial an extra digit when calling a landline number in Metro Manila. The migration to the 8-digit landline, as opposed to the usual seven, was put into effect last Sunday, October 6, 2019.

As per the National Telecommunications Commission's Memorandum Order No. 10-10-2017 issued two years ago, the change was made to accommodate the surge of landline users in major cities in the Metro, and other surrounding (02) area codes including Rizal, San Pedro, Laguna and Bacoor, Cavite.

In line with this, NTC assigned each telco an extra number to dial right after the area code and before the existing number. Don't fret though because the shift is pretty straightforward. 

PLDT subscribers will have to add an "8" at the start of their original number, while Globe subscribers are to add a "7", and Bayantel customers will add a "3".

Dialing these numbers will now require you to punch in the folowing:



Globe or DUO: (02) 7XXX-XXXX

Bayantel: (02) 3XXX-XXXX

Vanity numbers, or those with telephone numbers below 7-digits such as fast food chains and banks are also affected by the new memorandum. For example, McDonalds' #8MCDO hotline has now been changed to #8-8MCDO-00, while Jollibee's is now  #8-8700-00.

However, take note that national hotlines and other special emergency numbers with less than 7-digits will remain as they are.

To ease the migration process, particularly when it comes to the landline numbers saved on your phone, you can download the 8-Digit Landline Converter app. The app, available on both iOS and Android, will easily correct your saved wireline numbers depending on its telco provider.

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