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10 Phone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Life hacks? More like life apps!
Being a successful busy body can sometimes mean having zero time to go out and do essential daily tasks yourself. Don’t worry about falling behind though because, thanks to today’s online generation, there’s now an app for practically anything! Just one click

This Viral Article Claims That the "Instagram Aesthetic" Is Dead

Is this goodbye to our perfectly curated IG feeds?
Believe it or not, gone are the days when brightly-colored walls, artsy installations, and perfectly flat-laid food would draw in hundreds of likes for your photos. The Instagram aesthetic is dead—or at least, according to a few analysts. Apparently, with the current

10 Photo Editing Apps for Achieving an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

They're all free!
In the rampant age of social media, our Instagram profiles are quickly doubling as a possible first or second impression. The result? More and more people are obsessing over creating perfectly curated Instagram feeds that aptly project versions of themselves they’d like

You Can Finally Unsend That Embarrassing Facebook Message

Save face with Facebook Messenger's upcoming unsend feature.
Facebook is finally letting you retract those embrassing messages (that you only realized were embarassing after you hit send). Thanks to an upcoming feature, you'll soon be able to "unsend" messages from Facebook Messenger soon!The social media giant will give you a

Instagram Just Made It Easier for You to Follow New People

No need to memorize long complicated usernames anymore!
Instagram is making it easier for you to follow your Tinder date friends with its latest "nametag" feature. Much like Snapchat, you now have a personalized code on Instagram that your new friends can scan for a quick and easy follow, and

5 Mobile Apps That Will Help Remind You to Drink Water

Keep yourself hydrated and your skin happy!
If there's anything you shouldn't take for granted in life, it's water. Consuming the right amount of this invaluable natural resource can actually help in acheiving that dream bod and healthy skin you've always wanted. In fact, waking up with moisturized skin,

Instagram Just Launched a New App That Might Rival YouTube

Introducing IGTV.
Instagram is changing the way we watch videos online by launching their biggest development to date. The social media app just revealed its latest feature called IGTV, a video-only platform for short and long-form content.According to Instagram's official announcement, IGTV will be accessible through

Is It Finally Time to Delete Snapchat from Your Phone?

The app has let us down one too many times.
Earlier this month, Snapchat rolled out an ad for a game called Would You Rather that asked users whether they’d prefer slapping Rihanna or punching Chris Brown. Immediately, it was criticized for its crude and insensitive reference to the history of domestic

17 Local Celebrities to Follow on Snapchat

Ready, set, snap!
While most still consider Instagram as the prime social media app, more and more are starting to take for granted their well-curated grids for something that needs less filters and more realness. Say hello to the world of Snapchat!What was once thought

Swipe Left for Models

Book them on this new app.
Many models struggle to get noticed because they don't have agencies, and a new app is trying to solve that.Swipecast, which is like an Uber for modeling (book them directly and they will show up at your shoot), cuts the middleman out

10 Things You Didn't Know About Snapchat

Find out the name of the ghostly mascot!
(Main image by Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images News)The creators behind this ingenious platform were inspired by that moment everyone experiences at least once in a lifetime:  regrettably sending a photo to someone. We have these people to thank for giving us the


Cultural highlights in 10 words or less.
1. Katy Perry concert: Awesome! Finding your driver after: less so.Word count: 102. For your Laboracay later-grams - this app makes abs.Word count: 83. Met Ball 2015: Enter the frying pan.Word count: 74. Titas of Manila is now a book!Word count: 75. Jinkee,

Flappy Bird Obsession

Inspired by the It game of the moment, we picked out 17 pieces that chirped its way to our sartorial dreams.
The Flappy Bird kicked the Angry Bird away. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is raving about this new game in town and we're beginning to think it's too addicting for our own good. The past few days, it's all we've been hearing