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Preview Exclusive: It's Confirmed, Isabelle Daza Is Pregnant!

Preview Exclusive: It's Confirmed, Isabelle Daza Is Pregnant!
The It girl talks to us about morning sickness, eating healthy, and becoming a mom.

We have another It baby on the way! Isabelle Daza, who recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary with husband Adrien Semblat, is confirmed to be pregnant—she broke the exciting news to us this morning, and in an exclusive Preview interview, we got Belle to spill all the beans. Below, she tells us how she found out about her pregnancy and how she's been handling it like a certified It-mom-to-be.

Could you tell us about the day you found out about your pregnancy? How did you find out?

"I was texting my doctor worried about my self-diagnosed hormonal imbalance, and he suggested I take a pregnancy test. Then I ran upstairs to take one and I saw one dark line and one faint line. I took a photo and sent it to Dr. Abe Marinduque, and I said, 'I'm clearly not pregnant.' And he was like, 'Belle, that means you are.'


"So I screamed and called Adrien. He ran upstairs thinking there was a cockroach or something. I had no words. I was just pointing at the pregnancy test. And Adrien was like 'What is that? I don't know what that is! Is that a thermometer?'"

How has your daily routine changed since you found out?

"Definitely sleeping more and taking it easy in terms of physical acitivity."

What have you found particularly challenging about being pregnant so far?

"Nausea. And not being able to control what your body is craving for. It's totally the opposite of what I normally like."

How did you manage your recent trip to Paris while in your first trimester?

"I was suffering so much! In the morning, I would lay in bed the whole day feeling sick and dizzy, but then being in Paris forced me to walk around."

Fitness is such an important part of your lifestyle. Are you still allowed to work out? 

"Yes, I think if you've always been active it's alright as long as you're being extra careful and [you don't] push yourself too much."

How do you feel about becoming a mom?

"Scared of the responsibility! But at the same time, I'm so excited."

So are we, and we can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. Congratulations, Belle and Adrien!

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