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10 Instagram-Approved Ways to Pose With Your Food

Check out these cute poses to show off your food!
10 Instagram-Approved Ways to Pose With Your Food
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/juliabarretto
Check out these cute poses to show off your food!

Show off your FOTD posts and give your lunch some lovin' without being awkward about it. Below, we've rounded up a few celebrity- and influencer-approved poses you can try, because your garlic butter shrimp scampi (or whatever food you ordered in that cool new restaurant) deserves a spot on your 'gram, too. 

1. The "about to sip, but first let me flash a cute smile" is and oldie-but-goodie way to flex your coffee (or cocktail!) order.

2. Showcase that fancy snack spread from your hotel by taking a full photo of your table while you're seated nonchalantly. Remember to look away like it's no big deal.

3. Got a nice marble kitchen counter at home? Hop onto it like Julia Barretto and spark some envy with your crispy fries. Proof that you don't need some extravagant lunch for your FOTD.

4. Get cozy on a lazy Sunday with an oversized shirt and a pair of socks as you casually scarf down your breakfast in bed.


5. Strike a goofy pose with your SO or BFF and show off your food while someone takes a photo from the other side of the table. 

6. Take a "candid' bite of your food, close your eyes, and smile like it's the best thing you've had since you decided to go on a keto diet.

7. Hold your food up eye-level with chopsticks for a cool and unconventional pose. 

8. Take a bite of your food while looking straight into the camera. Make it obvious that you don't plan on sharing that slice of pizza.

9. Does the cafe or restaurant have cute statement walls? Don't hesitate to pose alongside it with the food or drink you just got.

10. Who needs a boyfriend when you can gaze lovingly at your food instead? Really, the experience is all the same.