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10 Fun Pose Ideas You Can Do with Your Best Friends, As Seen on Influencers

So you and your besties can have the perfect photo for the 'gram!
10 Fun Pose Ideas You Can Do with Your Best Friends, As Seen on Influencers
IMAGE Instagram/@samcruzm & @ashleyogarcia
So you and your besties can have the perfect photo for the 'gram!

Valentine's Day is coming up, and for those who are single, it certainly doesn't mean you should be left out of the festivities! On the contrary, it could be the perfect occasion to spend time with closest friends. Even if the day is meant for couples, who says you can’t have a party with your best gals? It’s a day of love, after all, so why not throw a small get-together with your besties? 

In parties and hangouts, picture-taking is almost always an important aspect of the festivities. Not only are you able to document precious moments, but it's also a fun way to get a new photo for the ‘gram! It's already a struggle enough alone to get that perfect shot, more so with other people. But fear not because you can always turn to these influencer and celebrity besties for tips on how to achieve fun, effortless photos with your friends. 


TRY: Fun poses to do with your friends, as seen on influencers

1. Hug + take a selfie

Selfies are nothing new, but try a different angle and pose for a change. One person in the middle will hold the phone at a lower angle, while the other friends will do the hugging. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/@laureen
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2. Lunge + bend your arms 

Instead of full body photos, go for for half-body shots to highlight you and your friends. Do a slight lunge to add depth, then play around with your arms. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/@ashleyogarcia

3. Stand on the road + turn around

This is a great photo idea for that cool, city vibe. Grab your besties, stand by the road, and turn around. Be careful, though! 

PHOTO BY Instagram/@emmaleger

4. Hands on the railing + look at each other

This pose works best if you have something to hold onto like a railing. Set your hands on it, then look at your friend and smile!

PHOTO BY Instagram/@jesych

5. Lean against the middle person + put your arms around each other

Taking pictures is also a reason to play dress-up and get creative with your looks. Show off your coolest 'fits with this simple pose—just stand and put your arms around each other's waists.

PHOTO BY Instagram/@samcruzm

 6. Mind the blocking.

If you’re a larger group, then pretend like you’re all on the cover of a magazine. Beach or not, look for a cool background to do your effortlessly fierce poses. Have some people sit to add variety to your poses.

PHOTO BY Instagram/@jessavlsqz

7. Chill on the couch 

A couch or anywhere you can sit on makes a good photo prop. Some can casually sit on the couch, while the others can be on the floor, leaning on your friends. It looks so chill and relaxed!

PHOTO BY Instagram/@iamhearte

8. Lean against the wall + hands in your pockets 

Alongside your perfectly coordinating outfits, do similar poses, too. If you're posing next to a plain wall, play around with your hands (like putting them in your pockets) for some slight twinning action.

PHOTO BY Instagram/@itscamillco

9. Sit or lean on a car

Here's a cool photo idea if you're taking an out of town trip with your friends, or even if it's just a chill drive around the village: Pose with your car! If you can, carefully sit on the roof or hood. Don't forget your comfy, coordinated 'fits!

PHOTO BY Instagram/@emmaleger

10. Walk away 

The ultimate candid and effortless pose is to just walk while looking at your bestie. Make sure your photographer takes multiple shots so that you're bound to come across one or two snaps that you both will like!

PHOTO BY Instagram/@ashleyogarcia
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