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Ariadna Gutierrez Clarifies Her Statement Likening Pia Wurtzbach to a "Ghost"

Ariadna Gutierrez Clarifies Her Statement Likening Pia Wurtzbach to a "Ghost"
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She said she never saw her as competition, but the internet thinks it’s time to move on. LOL!

UPDATE (October 8, 2020): After a comment recently made by Ariadna Gutierrez on how she never saw Pia Wurtzbach as competition during the controversial Miss Universe 2015 pageant, then-Miss Colombia finally came clean about the issue.

In a comment on her Instagram account, the beauty queen clarifies, "[I never said Pia was undeserving of her win]. People don’t understand what I said. I feel so sad for the super nice [Filipinos] I’ve met in my life. They are not like this," she said, as translated by Entertainment News Portal.

Pia Wurtzbach has remained mum about the issue. 

ORIGINAL STORY: It's 2020, and Ariadna Gutierrez  is apparently still talking about Pia Wurtzbach.

The beauty queens are making headlines once again, and the topic still surrounds their controversial Miss Universe pageant last 2015. The two made history when host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Ariadna, then Miss Colombia, as the Miss Universe winner. A moment that birthed a hundred memes online. Well, that isn’t a thing of the past just yet, it seems.


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In an online interview with Miss Colombia 2017 Laura Barjum and Hector Cermeno, Ariadna reveals that she never saw Pia as competition and says she was a "ghost" during the pageant.

“Ariadna never saw Pia as a competition, and it’s the truth,” Hector says point blank in the video’s caption translated by Instagram.

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“I actually saw her twice during the competition, once at the dining area and during rehearsals. But a person like a… a ghost! You see her and never again, like the exit signs! Nobody saw her,” Ariadna explains in the video, as translated by Facebook page Pageanthology 101.

“I used to go with the Latinas but we sat with the Asians and I did not notice her. She was very solitary, too. I did not notice her and when I did, I did not think of her as my competition. That is the truth,” she elaborates.

PHOTO BY Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Pia Wurtzbach has been mum about the issue, but one person who responded to Ariadna’s comment and defended Pia was Miss Bulgaria 2015 Radost Todorova.

“Of course you didn't see her! I remember you were always laughing at us, at our clothes and pieces of jewelry, at our walks and talks… You were only with the other Latinas looking down on us! I stand behind my words and that's why we are all happy that Pia won,” she said, as quoted by Entertainment News Portal.

“You need to be beautiful inside and out, not only looking like a Victoria Secret model and acting like the queen of England. You will never be unless you start acting like a decent human being,” she adds.


Soon after, Radost personally explained her side on her Instagram account. She also took the opportunity to explain that beauty isn’t about looks but about what you do.

“I don't mean to offend anyone. But after [five] years still commenting on the winner this way... as if she was nobody?! A 'ghost?'”

“I mean, to be a beautiful person is something you don't do at the aesthetician's cabinet, it's something you accomplish at school and in your community. I remember all of the beautiful women at the pageant and I believe everybody will remember Miss Universe 2015,” she says.

Perhaps in response to Ariadna’s ‘competition’ comment, Radost also said that the atmosphere during the pageant was friendly and supportive. "I remember all of the beautiful women as we became friends and not just opponents because we were speaking, smiling, and helping each other feel good about ourselves! We were there to embrace beautytrue beauty.”


Naturally, the internet aired their opinions online, and the general feeling is that it’s time to move on. Others even took the effort to make memes.




Bad vibes aside, one netizen added something positive to the conversation by reminding us that it was Radost who urged Pia to take her crown after Steve Harvey corrected himself. Check out the photo below:

Well, if there's something new we can take away from this whole tale, it's that we all need a friend like Miss Bulgaria in our lives. LOL!

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