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Free Apps That Will Give Your Photos a Vintage Disposable Camera Effect

Upgrade your feed with a cool analog cam aesthetic!
Free Apps That Will Give Your Photos a Vintage Disposable Camera Effect
IMAGE Instagram/emmachamberlain, Instagram/beamarinx
Upgrade your feed with a cool analog cam aesthetic!

Analog photography is a fun hobby, but it requires shelling out money for either a film or a disposable camera. If you're not quite ready to drop some cash for a camera, we suggest downloading apps that give your pictures a similar grainy, overexposed effect. Most of them are free, plus you don't have to wait for a few days for your photos to develop!

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PHOTO BY Instagram/alwaysjudging

Check out our faves below:

    Dazz Cam

    Available in: App Store

    This is definitely our favorite when it comes to imitating that vintage effect. It also has a ton of camera and video types that will assist you in scoring that grainy, overexposed look. We recommend "D Classic" and "D Half."

    Dazz Cam Filter
    Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
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    Huji Cam

    Available in: App Store, Google Play

    Huji Cam imitates the effect of a film camera from 1998, right down to the date stamped on the images. There's an option to turn off the light leaks and date stamp, plus you may also choose to take a front cam selfie!

    PHOTO BY Instagram/beamarinx


    Available on: App Store, Google Play

    If you really want to recreate the ~legit~ process of analog photography, Gudak is perfect for you. Unlike the apps stated above, Gudak requires you to wait for a full day before your pictures are developed. This feature gives you the element of surprise and lessens overthinking, so you can just snap pics without worrying if they look good or not!

    PHOTO BY Instagram/official__iz

    RNI Films

    Available on: App Store

    RNI Films has a ton of camera filters that you can explore for a vintage-looking picture. You can mess around with the exposure, grain, dust, shadows, and highlights to suit your preference.

    RNI Films Filter
    Courtesy of Cheska Santiago


    Everyone's ~original~ photo editing app, VSCO is famous for its free filters that can immediately make your picture look vintage without even trying. We also suggest bumping up the level of grain to really get that disposable cam effect.

    VSCO Filter
    Courtesy of Cheska Santiago

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