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7 Easy and Creative Layout Ideas That Will Level Up Your IG Stories

Make your IG stories visually appealing!
Camera-ready and shy girls (or guys) alike love using IG stories, posting just about anything under the sun—from OOTDs, selfies, scenic photos, funny videos, and so much more! Whether you're just using stories for fun or want to optimize it for your work

7 Easy Ways to Copy Melizza Jimenez’s Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Don't hesitate to have a little fun with your grid!
Welcome back to another guide for an uber aesthetic Instagram feed. We've helped you decipher the grids of Ashley Garcia and Cassy Legaspi before, and for today, we’ll be looking at Gen Z actress Melizza Jimenez’s profile.Like everyone else her age, Melizza has

7 Ways to Achieve an Aesthetic Feed, As Seen on Ashley Garcia's Instagram

The Gen Z influencer has mastered the art of Instagram!
Ashley Garcia's Instagram game is just too good—whether she's showing off her cute 'fits or posting aesthetically-pleaing photos that are still very on-brand. If you're trying to recreate the same vibe for your grid, read on for seven tips and tricks we

12 Instagrammable and Aesthetic Ways to Take Shoefies

Update your feed with detail shots of your favorite steppers.
If you bought pretty shoes pre-pandemic and you think they didn't get the "airtime" and cost-per-wear they deserved, here's an easy solution: Post shoefies! Cute pics of your sneakers, heels, sandals, and flats are good filler photos for your feed. It's a

How to Have an Aesthetic Instagram Feed Like Ida Anduyan's

We're obsessed with her well-curated grid!
Previously, we decoded the aesthetic Instagram feeds of Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto, and Elisse Joson. In this story, we'll be tackling Ida Anduyan's!The content creator and influencer has a well-curated feed that's full of neutral tones, nature shots, aesthetic OOTDs. If you're trying to

7 Ways to Style Pastel Purple, As Seen on Local Influencers

A great color addition to your growing wardrobe!
For people who prefer the more basic color palette, neutral colors are the safest bet when shopping clothes because you can mix and match them with practically anything yet still look passably stylish.What better way to experiment with our style and step out of our

10 Shy Girl Poses You Should Copy From Influencer Rhea Bue

Just keeping it low-key.
If you scroll through content creator Rhea Bue's Instagram grid, you'll notice that aside from her cool OOTDs, she's also a master at posing for the camera. Whether she's dressed up in comfy streetwear outfits or just smiling for the camera, she knows

Here's Where You Can Shop the Cutest Crochet Items on Instagram

Brb, adding these to our Christmas wish list.
One trend that's probably made its way into your social feed is crochet. ICYDK, crocheting is a process that requires a hook and some yarn where you make loops and stitches to create beautiful pieces. Whether it's a high school batchmate whose