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Here's How Nadine Lustre Reacted to a Fan Who Called Her "Suplada"

"Am I supposed to say hi to you? I don't know you."
Here's How Nadine Lustre Reacted to a Fan Who Called Her "Suplada"
"Am I supposed to say hi to you? I don't know you."

Nadine Lustre has never been one to shy away from speaking her truth. From her frank thoughts about plastic surgery, to her now iconic "It’s 2017" quote, the actress presents no pretense when engaging with both fans, the media, or netizens outside of work. Despite this, with her celebrity status in tow, it seems people always still feel the need to demand more from her.

In an interview with Edward Barber during his virtual talk show last June, the two personalities opened up about the ridiculous expectations that come with fame. Actors, in particular, always have to seem pleasant and accommodating no matter the situation, lest they be thought of as snobs. Nadine, however, has never felt the need to subscribe to that notion.  

nadine lustre reaction to being called suplada

“I was never the type to say hi to everyone, or smile, or wave, because I don’t know you,” she explained. “I never had the feeling of responsibility when it comes to saying hi to everyone….it was never my thing, because to me it was weird.”

To illustrate, the actress recalled an incident with an entitled stranger at the mall who had expected Nadine to acknowledge her first. “[I] was walking lang, like passing lang. And then in one of the shops, there is this one person, a lady, and she said, ‘Suplada naman.’ And I looked at her and I’m like, ‘Am I supposed to say hi to you? I don’t know you.’”

After Edward asked if the woman had greeted her prior, Nadine revealed that she hadn’t, as if the actress was obligated to take the initiative. “She was just there! And she was expecting me to say hi to her…If you want me to say hi to you, say hi to me or acknowledge me, or greet me. I’m not gonna go out of my way to say hi to you,” she told Edward.

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Nadine further pointed out that it’s not a celebrity’s job to please every single person they meet, especially outside of work. “I think it’s also because people forget that we are also people, that we’re humans. That it’s not our responsibility to acknowledge everyone and to please everyone…Our responsibility is to give entertainment and that’s not a part of it.” Well said, Nadine!

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