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Staying in Micro Hotels Is the New Trend for Millennial Travelers

Staying in Micro Hotels Is the New Trend for Millennial Travelers
It's a hotel revolution.

When it comes to traveling, I have two non-negotiables: (1) a nice comfy bed to crash into after exploring, and (2) a clean bathroom to wash away the day's exhaustion. Hotels have long been providing this luxury, and later on came AirBnBs that mimicked the comfort of our own homes. But real estate, no matter where we are, is expensive—whether you're renting a room for the night as a traveler or capitalizing on the lot you have as a hotelier.

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Enter micro hotels. Perhaps inspired by the Japanese concept of capsule lodging, micro hotels present an option to rent a place dedicated only for sleep and safe-keeping of your valuables as you go out and experience what the city has to offer.


However, micro hotels are far more than just a necessities-only type of lodging. Featuring smart and urban designs, they're particulary aimed to entice millennials who want to travel smart and in style while paying a reasonably priced rate for accommodations. These places force you out of your small rooms and out to socialize and experience what the destination has to offer. Cabins are no longer meant to waste your idle time in. They go back to serving you with a sole purpose, which is to provide a simple space for sleeping.

Who says luxury should mean having grand rooms you won't be able to fully appreciate at the end of the day? Cabins in micro hotels don't sacrifice design and aesthetic; they still serve you the same basic necessities you expect to be provided with: a decent snooze and a temporary safe haven for your things. After all, you don't travel for the hotels, but for the local life.

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Intrigued? Check out these micro hotels around the world.

1. Yotel

You can easily spot this micro hotel with its eye-catching purple lights. Yotel takes after airplane cabins, but with more legroom, of course. You're free to choose when to check in and out, giving you utmost control with your stay in the city.


2. The Rolling Huts

Change the way you go camping with these modified container vans with a modular interior design to maximize living and sleeping space. No need to pitch a tent only to wake up with sore backs. Get cradled in Mother Earth's arms in the most comfortable way.



3. Citizen M - Paris La Défense 

Citizen M offers luxury boutique hotels not just in the US but also in Europe, including Paris and London. They cater to modern trekkers and explorers who love learning about new cultures as they continue to hone young individuals called global citizens tasked to share adventures with others.


4. Tru Hotel by Hilton

Hilton, a hotel magnate, is not one to fall behind on trends especially when it comes to luxury travels. The Hilton group of companies branches out and builds Tru Hotel, a place where they aim to connect people within a space that's comfortable and familiar.

5. The Dean Hotel Dublin 


A punk rock-themed micro hotel, The Dean Hotel in Dublin, Ireland is perfect for music-loving millennials. The hotel offers ambient and live music shows plus DJ sets on the weekends. It illustrates the Irish art through specially commissioned pieces on its walls that you can admire (and buy)!

6. Tubo Hotel Mexico


Literally stay in tube-converted pods in Tubo Hotel in Mexico. The place can be found amid an organic garden in Tepoztlán, Morelos.

7. The Pod Hotels

Come make friends in this budget micro hotel that offers social programs and activities that let its guests interact with each other, adding another layer of adventure to your travels.


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