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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a United States Tourist Visa

Been planning to visit the U.S.? We have tips on scoring that visa to the Land of the Free!
There are several reasons one might want to visit the United States of America: whether it’s visiting friends and family, seeing all the must-visit sights like the Statue of Liberty or the Grand Canyon, or people-watching in the city in the hopes

Applying for a United States Visa Now Requires Social Media Details

As if we needed more reasons to polish up our online presence!
If you're planning to visit the US anytime soon, you might want to consider curating your IG feed first! Adding another layer of security to its visa granting process, the United States has begun requiring applicants to submit details of their social

11 New Things to Check Out On Your Next Visit to New York

New shopping destinations, exhibitions on display, and experiences waiting to be had in this vibrant city.
New York is one of those cities that you'll keep coming back to, mainly because there's something new and exciting at every turn. As if you need more reasons to book a ticket to this vibrant American city, here are some store

6 Places That Have Banned Selfie Sticks

Want a tourist photo? Take it the old fashioned way.
Selfie sticks are heaven-sent accessories to those who aren’t gifted with long limbs but love snapping photos of their faces from a farther range. However, not everyone is head over heels for these monopods. In fact, a number of tourist hotspots have