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This Video and Photography Team Will Make Your Wedding Feel Like an Editorial

With Mayad Studios, you'll fall in love with your wedding day over and over again.
This Video and Photography Team Will Make Your Wedding Feel Like an Editorial
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With Mayad Studios, you'll fall in love with your wedding day over and over again.

It probably feels as if you've waited your whole life for your wedding day, but more often than not, it will come and go in a blur. After you've exchanged rings and I dos and said your wedding vows, you'll want a video to replay your special day, or photos to catch the moments you've missed while you were too busy preparing to look picture-perfect. You'll want to fall in love all over again and reminisce the moments as if they happened yesterday.

It's a hopeful ask Mayad Studios has always sought to provide. A luxury wedding photography and videography team that's been in the business for more than 13 years, their aesthetic leans toward the timeless, one that can whether through generations of change as you grow old with your spouse.

"Mayad Studios’ primary style has always been about timeless elegance. As a photo and video company, our goal is to make every picture and every film portray beauty— the couple, the location, their vows, [and even] their guests. We also want our couples to feel that every output they’ll see would look like it was just shot yesterday, despite the ever changing trends in the industry," Kaye Manalo, Mayad's Director of Sales and Marketing tells Preview. "We aim to not just please or to 'wow out,' which is passing in nature—but to make sure that every output, and every creative experience for and with the couple would reflect the couple itself—focusing on their life-changing moments."


Viewing their reportoire online, it's clear this philiosophy isn't lost in their work. In fact, Mayad's goal to tell authentic love stories has already drawn in a comfortable list of known clients, including Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez, and Camille Co and Joni Koro. It's unsurprising given the fact that they promise an editorial treatment you've probably always dreamed of having.

See their works below while we get to know more of Mayad Studios.

What’s Mayad Studios all about and how did it start out? 

"The initial intention was for Mayad Studios to venture in website design, but [after] some surprising twist of things, we found ourselves doing wedding videography; and we were quite overwhelmed with the reception of our clients not just locally, but globally. Naturally, we ended up doing wedding photography (which we launched five years ago) and somewhere along the way also saw the birth of Mayad Boracay (our Boracay-based wedding and photo video team), Mayad Bali (Indonesia-based wedding and photo and video team), as well as Mayad Beginnings (the photo and video team that caters to all life’s celebrations— maternity, birthdays, etc).

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"Fast forward to 13 years, we are currently in the process of formally launching the holding company called Mayad Creatives Inc., under which is us, Mayad Studios (luxury wedding photo and video), Mayad Academy, the training and masterclass arm, Chapters, the corporate photo and video arm, and Amady Manila, (premium wedding photo and video company of Mayad Studios)."


What’s the story behind the brand's name?

"[The word] Mayad originated in Iloilo, [which] means 'good.' We wanted a name that can be true to our culture and roots but also a name that’s not afraid to go global."


Could you take us through your usual creative process when collaborating with clients?

"We make sure we never miss what the clients want to remember and highlight from their wedding video and photo, and that is through the brainstorming and 'getting to know' between the Head Directors and the clients. 

"From there, our Head Directors spearhead the whole team during the wedding day, making the clients feel like they’re celebrities in their own right, on their big day. They are also poised to give an editorial feel to their outputs whilst illustrating the couple’s individual stories, with the constant mix of with luxury, class, and elegance."

What would you say is your niche market?

"We cater to a market who appreciates art, fashion, and beauty like we do—which is also the market that never undermines a company’s aim to produce quality and valuable work."

How does your brand stand out from the rest?

"We are the only photo and video company in the Philippines to offer a bespoke experience— which is also achieved with the existence of our Head Directors with—different styles and personas—an aspect that is unparalleled in the industry."


Anything else you want prospective clients to know about you?

"We've fortunately established Mayad Studios as part of Mayad Creatives in the past 13 years, and we have known ourselves deeply during those said years; we look forward to sharing with you what's in store for us in the next decade."


Find out more on their official website!

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