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Here’s How Getting Proper Beauty Sleep Changed These Moms’ Lives

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep, especially moms.
Here’s How Getting Proper Beauty Sleep Changed These Moms’ Lives
IMAGE Courtesy of Magniflex
Everyone deserves a good night's sleep, especially moms.

After getting married and having kids, one’s sleeping pattern naturally shifts. Majority of the nights are spent changing diapers, breastfeeding, and singing lullabies. This commonly results in back pain and the lack of decent sleep (a.k.a. eye bags)—but luckily, HomeStudio is bringing Magniflex to the Philippines with a goal to prove that a smart mom does not need to sacrifice beauty sleep for her kids to get theirs.

“A good night’s sleep is a vital part of our overall wellness and I am proud to be able to offer to our country a premium pillow and mattress that [are] made with sustainable materials and ongoing technological and ergonomic research,” explains Grant Lim, CEO of HomeStudio.

In an exclusive interview with Preview, we asked Magniflex ambassadors Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Nicole Hernandez-De Los Angeles, and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi more about the brand and how getting a good night’s rest has affected their overall well-being.


IMAGE Courtesy of Magniflex

You’re all moms, how do you manage to get some beauty rest while taking care of your kids?

Mikaela: “You don’t, but the sooner I can sleep, I will. I do sleep really well, though. Luckily, I doze off right away.”

Steph: “The truth is you have to really dedicate time to sleep after you have put your kids to sleep. You need to set an alarm for yourself, an alarm to put yourself to sleep. Then I shut off my phone after a certain time just to wind down and disconnect so you’re not always wired.”


Nicole: “It all starts with investing on the right sleep tools: a mattress and pillows that suit your needs. I didn’t really care much for pillows before, but the moment I made the switch to a Magniflex, it really made a world of difference. Don’t get me started on my mattress, but believe me, getting out of bed has been a struggle for me lately.”

Did it become more difficult to get a full night’s sleep after getting married? Are your sleeping preferences different from your husbands?

Steph: “Thankfully, no. We both like the same firmness in the bed. We’re not so picky on which side to sleep on, for as long as the aircon is cold enough because we like to have cozy blankets. Thankfully it’s been easy.”

Nicole: “Not really. We are pretty in sync and have been happy with a firm mattress, so we thought, we didn’t realize that a medium firm mattress was what we actually needed. Our mattress right now is perfect for us. We’ve been getting the best sleep for the past few weeks now.”


Mikaela: “It becomes more difficult once you have kids, especially the first the years because of the breastfeeding and all. But my husband and I both know the importance of sleep. He really sleeps at least eight hours [a day], and I try to follow. It’s just different with a baby around.”

How did your new sleeping habits solve these difficulties?

Mikaela: “Well, my youngest now sleeps with us ‘cause of breastfeeding. He sleeps longer as well! He loves our new bed. And well, really, at the end of the day, just lying down on it is really rewarding. In fact, waking up is so hard to do.”

Steph: “I think one of the biggest issues for me in sleeping is that I really have bad allergies and sometimes I get hacking coughs in the middle of the night, asthma attacks. I live with antihistamines. Having a good mattress that doesn’t trigger these allergic reactions, which obviously helps me have a much better, more meaningful rest. I get reactions from irritants, whether from dust mites or some of the chemicals they might’ve put in a pillow or mattress. And I’m so happy [now with] the Magniflex pillows ‘cause it also helped solve my neck issues, because hypoallergenic pillows are not necessarily that comfortable and are hot. I get sweaty ‘cause it’s all synthetic. So what I love about Magniflex is that it’s all [made from] natural materials; I don’t wake up perspiring in the middle of the night and my neck is not painful because it gives you the right support, and I don’t have those allergies anymore.”


Did you consider picking the right mattress as something of importance even before knowing about Magniflex?

Mikaela: “Yes, but it was never at this standard! At most, we really spent a lot on pillows!”

Steph: “Yes, because a mattress is something that you keep for a very long time. My last mattress lasted me more than 10 years. Despite the fact that I had a lot of allergies with it and Magniflex has solved those problems. No matter how much you clean, if it’s not the right materials with the protective layering, you will get those allergies. What’s so important about a mattress is you’re not gonna change it every month, every two months, every year or every five years. A good mattress is supposed to last you a lifetime, in terms of firmness and in getting you the right support that you need. And what’s great is that the older you get, your needs may change so Magniflex has two sides. You have like a softer side and a firmer side so depending on what you need you can flip the mattress and I think that’s great.”


What’s your favorite thing about the Magniflex mattress?

Mikaela: “The entire feel! I can’t explain. You just have to try it and experience the difference.”

Steph: “I think it has to be the fact it is certified to be absolutely free from any harmful chemicals. It is a 100% made from natural materials and in some cases it’s made from organic, natural materials. It is made of cotton, aloe vera, soy-based products, bamboo.”

Nicole: “I love how you don’t need to commit to a soft or firm mattress. The mattress I have has a dual core so you can flip your half of the bed to the soft or firm side anytime. It’s organic, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly as well.”

How did the mattress change the way you sleep?

Mikaela: “Oh gosh, now I’m spoiled! When we travel, the beds are just not the same. After the trip, we just can’t wait to sleep on our own bed! It’s just so different!”


Nicole: “It’s no longer about the amount of hours I get to clock in but the quality of sleep time I get. With my mattress even if I get in six hours of sleep I honestly feel recharged. I sleep so well, no more back pains or neck pains, thanks to my Magniflex pillow.”

Steph: “You know when you sleep your body goes into deep rest. It absorbs the air around you, you’re breathing deeply, your pores are open and your body is completely relaxed and actually vulnerable. So you should think that when you’re sleeping on something synthetic or poorly made, as it ages it will deteriorate and let out toxins into the air, all of which, you are absorbing when you sleep. So having something all natural that is good for you I think this is really amazing.”


Why do you think it’s important to invest in a quality mattress?

Mikaela: “Sleep is so important. It’s not just for comfort, but it’s for our health, too! Not just for rest, but even our posture. Plus, no more back aches and stiff necks!”

Nicole: “You spend a third of your life asleep. Why not invest on that part, too? Quality sleep has a lot of benefits. It can lead to healthier lifestyle and overall well being.”

Steph: “It’s so important to invest in the right mattress because your day doesn’t begin when you get up, your day begins the moment you go to bed. Think of it that way. You spend at least 1/4 of your life lying down on your bed sleeping, hopefully getting the right rest. So where you do that, that is so crucial. I have sciatica so it’s very important that I sleep properly and I’m comfortable. Also, something that is so high quality is not going to deteriorate over time. You know regular mattresses, after a certain time, there’s going to be a hole or a dent or you sink in certain areas. That’s not what we want, you want something that will stay in the same quality, the same level all throughout its lifetime.


"Again, I’m very concerned especially now that I have kids. So for me having a quality mattress like Magniflex made out of all-natural materials and completely proven to be 100% free from any harmful chemicals to the body. This is such an added value knowing that I can sleep knowing that I get restorative rest.”