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What Is Sleep Paralysis and How Do You Wake Up From It?

The dark figure in your half-asleep state, explained.
For two years, Tara (not her real name), found herself frozen in her supposedly haunted dorm room, feeling asleep and awake at the same time, and hoping to ride it out with a prayer.It's a frightening experience that leave many Googling for

Here's What You Should Do If You Want to Sleep Earlier

Ahead, the simple secrets to having an early bedtime.
I always struggle sleeping early, especially when I'm handling a big project or when I'm hooked on a Netflix series. My excuse was that I'm working from home (and I'm very lucky to be in this situation) so I can just clock

Simple Life Hacks That Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

It may be time to invest in a quality mattress.
Have you been sleeping a lot less lately? Aside from watching over your diet, de-stressing, and limiting your daytime naps, making a few simple changes in your bedroom can help you get the deep slumber you need. Do you tend to leave your

I Tried This Drink That Claims to Help Me Achieve Better Sleep

No more sleepless nights!
What: Good Night Drink, P79/25omlWhat It Is: Made in Austria, the Good Night Drink claims to help you get peaceful sleep at night. It contains natural herbs like lemon balm and hops to help relieve stress and anxiety. It's a fizzy drink made with

This Is Why You're Having Trouble Sleeping, Says an Ophthalmologist

You're probably holding the culprit right now.
It’s 3 a.m. on a weeknight. You’re dead tired from work, but still, you can’t sleep. Why, you wonder?The main culprit for sleeplessness could be your mobile phone or tablet. At the recent Philips EyeComfort launch, Dr. Glenn Carandang, an ophthalmologist and

This Sleeping Position Might Be Giving You More Wrinkles

It's the price to pay for comfort!
Did you know that the most common sleeping position is on your side? Yes, at night, we don't exactly know how many times we switch positions, but when it comes to preference, most of the world are side sleepers. And according to

Here’s How Getting Proper Beauty Sleep Changed These Moms’ Lives

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep, especially moms.
After getting married and having kids, one’s sleeping pattern naturally shifts. Majority of the nights are spent changing diapers, breastfeeding, and singing lullabies. This commonly results in back pain and the lack of decent sleep (a.k.a. eye bags)—but luckily, HomeStudio is bringing

This Is Why It’s Important to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It affects your appearance and well-being more than you realize.
At a recent launch for Dermalogica’s newest product, Sound Sleep Cocoon, we were treated to a brief but insightful lecture on the pillars of wellness. Conducted by certified wellness coaches Dr. Willie Lagdameo (a pediatric surgeon and Dr. Sears certified wellness coach)

This Is the Exact Amount of Sleep You Need to Be Happy

Every minute counts!
In a research conducted by a mattress company, sleep was proven to be everyone's ultimate happy pill—provided that we get enough of it. However, the same study has shown that getting the typically recommended seven hours of sleep isn't enough.Turns out, there's

5 Secrets To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

A sleep doctor lets us in on to the scientific but simple ways to catch those Z's.
Have you ever gone to bed, promising to sleep at 10:00pm, only to stay up the whole night binge-watching your favorite TV series? Or have you taken your work home, propped up against a pillow, typing into your laptop into the wee

Disco Naps Are The Answer To Your "lola" Problems

So you can shake and shimmy in your #OOTN all night long!
There are times when you’re in the middle of a club at wee hours of the night. All your friends are still at their peaks and you’re just out of it. Tired from the pinching pain of your stilettos and groggy from

Instagramming Before Bed Could Ruin Your Looks

This year, resolve to use bedtime for, duh, sleep.
Just because you still have the energy to party ‘till 4am, doesn’t mean you should lull yourself to sleep scrolling through (and picking filters for) selfies of the night gone done. When you’re young and the choice between Nashville and Walden is