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7 Low-Key Couple Poses To Try, As Seen on Gen Z Celebs

7 Low-Key Couple Poses To Try, As Seen on Gen Z Celebs
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Effortless yet double tap-worthy!

Not everyone feels at ease posting photos with their significant other online. Fun as the idea may be, it can get frustrating to take the perfect couple photo without looking too forced and awkward. Our advice? Take a page from Gen Z love teams online and try their low-key poses! They've got tons of aesthetic pegs to sweeten up your grid, plus, their effortless poses are so easy to recreate. Check out some of them below!

LOOK: 7 Low-Key Couple Poses To Try, As Seen on Gen Z Celebs

1. For those too shy to show their faces, turn your backs to the camera and intertwine your fingers with each other. Cute and simple!


2. For a playful snap, have your beau rest his hand on your head as he stares at the camera. Put your hands on your hips and look up at him with an endearing pout!

3. Apart from hiding your faces, a blurry and grainy photo also gives off romantic vintage vibes! To DIY without a photographer, activate your camera's self-timer and burst mode while you playfully move around with your partner.

4. When you're seated together, ask your special someone to casually strike a wacky pose to the camera. Fondly look away from him with a shy smile to make this cute moment feel totally natural.  


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5. Love going to the beach? Take a photo of your shadows on the sand for an understated double tap-worthy shot. Don't forget to create a heart with your hands!

6. A candid laughing shot is a classic for a good reason. It's straightforward, laid-back, and extremely charming! Plus points if you're wearing coordinated 'fits, too!


6. If  you're dating a certified IG boyfriend who enjoys taking solo pictures of you, ask a mutual friend to covertly snap a photo of him in the moment. So adorable!


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