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We Can't Get Over Kathryn Bernardo Prank-Calling Her Fans

We Can't Get Over Kathryn Bernardo Prank-Calling Her Fans
IMAGE YouTube/Everyday Kath
It's the most HILARIOUS thing you'll see today!

It was only January 3 this year when Kathryn Bernardo unveiled Everyday Kath, her official YouTube channel! In just a few days, she’s managed to amass a million subscribers—a feat that most aspiring vloggers could only ever dream of. As of writing, the 23-year-old actress’ channel already boasts of 2.13 million subscribers! Wow.

Needless to say, the much-coveted YouTube Silver and Gold Play Buttons, a.k.a. the prestigious tokens that the video-sharing platform awards its content creators after hitting certain milestones (Silver for 100,000 and Gold for one million subscribers), expectedly made their way to the proud owner at last! And as she giddily unboxed her most recent achievements, Kathryn did not fail to document the occasion for her followers to see, noting how it wouldn’t be possible without their overflowing love and support. She captions her Instagram post, “My YouTube Silver & Gold Playbuttons have finally arrived and I want to share this moment with you because these were all made possible by your love and support. I cannot thank you enough!!!”


That said, if you think the celebration ends there, then you couldn’t be more wrong! Ever the playful girl, Kathryn has also managed to pull a prank on her fans! After hitting 2.1 million subscribers, the actress took to Instagram Stories to announce that she’ll be giving away curated gift boxes to random followers, asking for their contact numbers in the process. Little did her fans know that it’s simply a clever strategy to camouflage Kath’s ulterior motive, which is to give five of her subscribers the ultimate prank call of their lives.

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The video is her longest vlog to date, spanning over 40 minutes—but we’re definitely not complaining! After all, it’s not every day you have the Kathryn Bernardo randomly dialing your digits! We teared up from laughing when she pretended to be a delivery guy, a masseuse, and a professional cleaner who’s already “on the way” to their house. There’s even that hilarious time she literally tried to borrow money from a clueless fan. And the best part? She filmed everything on cam!

Watch the entire thing go down in the video below:

In case you’re wondering, some of her lucky fans did manage to keep receipts! They couldn’t contain their bursting excitement and took to social media to reveal what just happened. One of them, who’s named Edmerson, even had the chance to document the moment on video and his kilig was undeniable!


Meanwhile, another #KathNiel fan, who goes by the name Mav, has an audio clip to show for it, revealing that she couldn’t help but cry as the young superstar unexpectedly gave her a call.


TBH, we’d cry too if that ever happens to us! If only we could all be so lucky!

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