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Isabelle Daza Wrote a Short Animated Film to Explain COVID-19 to Her Son

So impressive!
Isabelle Daza Wrote a Short Animated Film to Explain COVID-19 to Her Son
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/isabelledaza
So impressive!

The sudden disruption of daily routines may have been a jarring experience for children. With the lockdown eliminating their access to school, playgrounds, and friends' houses, toddlers might be feeling rattled and disoriented, for which they are not to blame. 

In order to explain the COVID-19 crisis to her two-year-old son, Baltie, Isabelle Daza conceptualized a short film about a group of baby animals confronting the reality of the lockdown, and shared it on Instagram. "I created a story to help explain to my son what is going on with the current COVID-19 pandemic," she wrote. "This is what I call an animated book." 

In charmingly bright illustrations reminiscent of a classic picture book, the short film succintly touches on the main tenets of coronavirus precautions—physical distancing, hand sanitization, not touching your face, and mask-wearing. 

Belle graduated with a degree in Education from De La Salle University. "Aside from letting him watch cartoons all day, here are activities we have been doing at home. Finally been able to use my college degree as an early childhood educator," she wrote in an Instagram caption for another video about educational activities to do at home with toddlers. 


The story was written by Belle herself, and animations were done by Tristan Yapchiongco. Illustrations were done by Jewelle, sound design by Joe Daza Puyat, facts and research by Billie Puyat Murga, and Filipino translation by Nina Daza Puyat

Watch the full video bellow: 

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