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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow That Will Help You Deal With Anxiety

What’s on your feed can be good for your mental health.
5 Instagram Accounts to Follow That Will Help You Deal With Anxiety
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/letstalkaboutmentalhealth, theofficialsadghostclub
What’s on your feed can be good for your mental health.

Uncertainty puts us in a state of overthinking or constant worrying. While we cannot control what lies ahead, learning how to talk about our thoughts and feelings can help us confront anxiety and power through life one day at a time. We’ll also discover that we’re not alone in experiencing these things. Now, if you're in need for some positive vibes, below, we rounded up five IG accounts you can follow as your source of comfort:

1. Worry Lines

Find a support system in Worry Lines’ cute, wobbly drawings. Their posts convey how our emotions can be complex and that it’s okay to honor our feelings!


2. Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Owned by creative director Jessica Walsh, this IG account opens the discussion about mental health by encouraging followers to send in their honest thoughts on stress, anxiety, and the like. Jessica interprets them in striking colors that draw attention to topics often overlooked.

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3. Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll is known for her comic illustrations featuring cute pugs, period pains, and mental health. Her humorous approach helps ease our daily worries.

4. Subliming.jpg

If you’re into motivational quotes, then take a look at Subliming’s eye-candy posts. Artist Tessa Forrest runs the page and she thoughtfully chooses her fonts to amplify words of empowerment that deserve to be on your feed. Be sure to check out Subliming’s IG highlights for awesome phone wallpapers that are free to use while you're at it!


5. The Sad Ghost Club

What started out as a small creative project among UK-based artists is now a community that helps raise mental health awareness online. After some browsing, you’ll see how members (a.k.a. “ghosties”) can easily relate and communicate their feelings through Halloween-inspired characters like the sad ghost and the skeleton. We also like the tiny reminders that allow us to check in with each other, plus you'll find helpful guides to overcome bad vibes. 


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