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10 Iconic Filming Locations That Were Featured on Your Favorite Netflix Shows

10 Iconic Filming Locations That Were Featured on Your Favorite Netflix Shows
IMAGE Emily in Paris/Netflix
Bookmark these places for your post-pandemic revenge travel bucket list!

Have you ever come across a swanky landmark in the middle of binge-watching another Netflix Original and wondered: Are any of these places even real? Well, newsflash: A number of them actually are! From the streets of Japan, to a mansion in England, to a bistro in Paris, we’re rounding them all up for you. Don’t forget to add these places to your post-pandemic revenge travel bucket list while you’re at it! 

1. Ranger’s House - Bridgerton House in "Bridgerton"

Ranger's House in Bridgerton
PHOTO BY Bridgerton/Netflix


Where you saw it: This Gregorian mansion served as the exterior of the iconic family home belonging to the show’s titular characters, the Bridgertons.

Location: Chesterfield Walk, Greenwich, London, England 

2. Terra Nera - Gabriel’s Restaurant in "Emily in Paris"

Terra Nera in Emily in Paris
PHOTO BY Emily in Paris/Netflix

Where you saw it: Renamed as Les Deux Compères in the show, this quaint bistro served as the restaurant where Gabriel worked at, as frequented by Emily and the rest of her Parisian ensemble. To pay tribute to the show, the restaurant even added a new item on their menu, the Tagliata di manzo Emily, a beef dish served with arugula, cheese shavings, and vinegar sauce. 

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Location: 18 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, Paris, France

3. Corner Cafe/Douce Diner - The Cafe in "To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before"

Corner Cafe in To All the Boys I've Loved Before
PHOTO BY To All the Boys Ive Loved Before/Netflix

Where you saw it: This vintage diner is an iconic spot for Peter and Lara Jean as it’s the place where they decided to end their contract and start a real relationship. Unfortunately, the actual Corner Cafe closed down in 2018, but fret not! An equally cute diner was erected in its spot in 2019, named the Douce Diner.

Douce Diner formerly Corner Cafe

Location: 1490 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, British Columbia

4. Ardverikie Estate - The Queen’s Balmoral Estate in "The Crown"

PHOTO BY The Crown/Netflix
Balmoral Estate in The Crown

Where you saw it: Though The Crown features a lot of iconic British landmarks, they can’t exactly film the show in every one of them. That’s why it was reported that their filming locations are composed of over a hundred external locations around the UK and abroad. This particular manor serves as the Queen’s Balmoral estate in the show’s fourth season, where Diana passes “the test” before Prince Charles proposes to her.

Location: Kinloch Laggan, Newtonmore PH20 1BX, United Kingdom

5. Palais am Funkturm - Hotel Mariposa in "The Queen’s Gambit"

Hotel Mariposa in The Queen's Gambit
PHOTO BY The Queens Gambit/Netflix


Where you saw it: This hotel was the venue for the US Open where Beth first faced off against Benny Watts, earning the chess prodigy her first loss in years. It was also where she was reunited with her long-time crush, Townes. Contrary to the show, however, this hotel is actually found in Berlin, not Las Vegas!

Location: Hammarskjöldpl., 14055 Berlin, Germany

6. Spanish National Research Council - Royal Mint of Spain in "Money Heist"

Money Heist Royal Mint of Spain
PHOTO BY Money Heist/Netflix

Where you saw it: Did you know that, similar to The Crown, some landmarks featured in Money Heist prohibited the team from actually filming there for security reasons? That’s why the exterior of The Royal Mint in this Spanish drama was filmed at the Spanish National Research Council, as it was actually designed to mimic the Royal Mint. Talk about a great dupe!

Location: Spanish National Research Council, Serrano, Madrid, Spain

 7. Ashikaga Scramble City Studio - Shibuya Crossing in "Alice in Borderland"

Shibuya Crossing in Alice in Borderland
PHOTO BY Alice in Borderland/Netflix
Shibuya Crossing in Alice in Borderland
PHOTO BY Ashikaga Scramble city Studio

Where you saw it: This studio was used as the Shibuya Crossing on the first episode of Alice in Borderland! The location was actually built for the exact purpose of recreating the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing in Tokyo! We can imagine how hard it must be to shoot in the actual location, which, pre-pandemic, had over 3,000 people crossing at a time.


Location: 284-5 Yobe-cho Ashikaga city Tochigi, Japan

8. Choong Ang High School - The School in "Love Alarm"

high school in Love Alarm
PHOTO BY Love Alarm/Netflix

Where you saw it: This is where the Love Alarm trio Kim Jo-jo, Lee Hye-young, and Hwang Sun-oh attended school. Seems familiar? That’s because it was also featured in several other K-dramas such as True Beauty, My First First Love, and Goblin.

Location: 1 Gye-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

9. Bidulginangpokpo Falls - Frozen Valley in "Kingdom"

Frozen Valley in Kingdom
PHOTO BY Kingdom/Netflix
Frozen Valley in Kingdom
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/koreanet_official

Where you saw it: This location is the infamous Frozen Valley in Kingdom, featured in the crucial scene when the physician Seobi finds the Resurrection Plant, leading them to realize that everything they knew about zombies was wrong.

Location: Hantangang River Geopark, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

10. Gwinnett Place Mall - Starcourt Mall in "Stranger Things"

Starcourt Mall in Stranger Things
PHOTO BY Stranger Things/Netflix
Starcourt Mall in Stranger Things
PHOTO BY Stranger Things/Netflix

Where you saw it: The Gwinnett Place Mall was the primary setting for the show’s third season, and it housed most of Stranger Things' most pivotal scenes and plot twists. To get the full '80s vibe, Netflix reportedly built 40 redesigned stores to fit the series’ aesthetic, including a retro-fied Gap, Burger King, and more!

Note: The mall is currently serving as a COVID vaccination site.

Location: 2100 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096, United States

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