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Here's How Your Underwear Can Be a Self-Care Item

Don't underestimate it.
Here's How Your Underwear Can Be a Self-Care Item
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Don't underestimate it.

The missing links of self-care are less elusive than you think. During this remarkable point in history, people worldwide have collectively turned their attention to home routines, making this the perfect opportunity to zero in on the basic building blocks of your daily patterns. Those unscrutinized, second-skin rituals might just be your tickets to elevating the vibe of an otherwise drab day.

We’ve been making a case for clothing as a valuable, twofold mood agent: A fabulous outfit can be a mood expressor and a mood enhancer. And, by "outfit", we're referring to everything you have on. Survey your daily routine with the eye of an eagle: After getting out of the shower on a fine Monday morning, what’s the first item of clothing that goes onto your body? And, on a rewarding Friday evening, what's the last item of clothing you take off before stepping into a pampering bath? 


For many, the answer is underwear. From this logic, you can easily deduce that undies deserve more credit than they're given. Have you ever subconsciously gravitated toward your favorite pair while dressing up for an important day? Maybe you own seamless cotton hipsters in a classic black that, without fail, give you a boost in self-esteem.

Here's an opportunity to exercise a choice that may just set your mood for the day ahead! Radiate stylishness and confidence from the inside out, starting with the item you hold closest—literally.

Working from home? Prioritize comfortable, longwear pieces.

If you're working at home, you'll be sitting for most of the day. You'll want to put on a pair that's stretchy and soft, so you can be productive and ever-comfy. Go for a low-rise cut so you don't have to hold in your stomach, and will thus breathe easier. Grab a pair of classic bikinis or hipsters in cotton, for maximum functionality and easy wearing! Neutral or bold colors will equally work, depending on how authoritative or lively you feel that day. 

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For your workout, aim for elasticity, breathability, and moisture-wicking.

The last thing you want during your workout grind is to be distracted unnecessarily by having chosen the wrong clothes. Opt for a pair of seamless thongs in either polyester, microfiber, or bamboo viscose, so your underwear lays snug, flat, and dry beneath your leggings (while cotton is an undie mainstay, it won't do such a good job at managing sweat). Go for bright, neon colors to motivate you and match the activewear trend! 

For a feel-good afternoon with Netflix and/or your hobbies, wear a pair that's freeing and slightly bold. 

If you're like me, and think that a long flowy dress is the loungewear piece, slip happily into a pair of organic cotton boyshorts—it's no-frills, and no fail! Channel your creative energies by finding a pair in a loud print or in a jubilant color. If your boyshorts are long enough, you can even don a trusty sweater or oversized shirt and forego bottoms entirely, underscoring a carefree, divinely chill afternoon. 


Eyeing a DIY spa before bedtime for that perfect sleep? Wear something freeing, open, and delicate. 

Think beach spa: Minimal coverage, light-as-air fabric, colors as soothing as a twilight sky. Unbox the lacy thong or g-string you've been saving, and indulge in full-body skincare, because, well, you can! Turn up the relaxation by picking a pair in a lilac or old rose shade. Other dreamy colors include olive, powder blue, and anything with metallic touches. Not into lingerie or frillier pieces? Fall back on your best pair of classic briefs (also known as "granny panties") and dive in for a restful evening! 

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