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Here's How Your Underwear Can Be a Self-Care Item

Don't underestimate it.
The missing links of self-care are less elusive than you think. During this remarkable point in history, people worldwide have collectively turned their attention to home routines, making this the perfect opportunity to zero in on the basic building blocks of your

6 High-Waisted Underwear That Double as Shapewear

For days when you need a little support!
Shapewear is a godsend when you need to support the lower stomach area, but let's face it: It isn't always the comfiest thing to wear. Try wearing high-waisted undies, instead! As these panties sit a little above the hips, they naturally tuck the

The Types of Bras to Wear According to Your Top's Neckline

Your undergarments shouldn't ruin your silhouette.
Undergarments are one of the "invisible" things that polish your look. It may not be so obvious at first, but wearing the wrong style underneath can ruin the silhouette of your outfits–may it be a pristine white tee or a plunging black jumpsuit. Try expanding your go-to

4 Maternity Dressing Tips to Keep in Mind for Stylish Moms-to-Be

The better you feel, the better you look!
Congratulations if you’re a mom-to-be! While physical changes may be making you feel more uncomfortable than attractive, a few important wardrobe updates will help you through. The key is to prioritize comfort, but for a true blue Preview girl, style comes in

This Is How Often You Should Be Buying New Underwear

It's more frequent than you would expect.
Underwear can be expensive, but it shouldn't be an excuse to end up with loose, hole-y underwear all the time. Still, imagine our surprise when we learned how often ladies should really be replacing those bras and panties, according to experts. As reported

How to Care for Your Bras

Give your unmentionables some TLC.
Silk. Lace. Nylon. Beaded. U-cut. Demi. Full. Shelf. Padded. Convertible. Backless. Halter. Sexy. Athletic.Time and again, we've been advised that impeccable style starts with investing in the fundamentals—perfect fit, confidence from comfort and adequate support from the right lingerie. How can elegance

Granny Panties Are Back

Don't mind if we do!
Main image via Me and YouFull-bottom bikinis, boy shorts and high-waist briefs have become the undergarments of choice for the average female consumer, the New York Times reports. Research has shown that the sales of thongs have dropped by 7% while sales

Dita Von Teese Is Releasing A Lingerie Line With Christian Louboutin

Dita Von Teese Is Releasing A Lingerie Line With Christian Louboutin
Dita Von Teese has teamed up with Christian Louboutin to release a lingerie line.The burlesque star has created a seven-piece, limited edition capsule collection which she has named XXXtian, a reference to the signature the French shoe designer uses at the end

Who Says Only Men Can Wear Boxers?

Whoever said that is clearly wrong.
They're cool, they're comfy, and they're absolutely sexy. If you've learned anything at all from us, it's that tight or skimpy isn't the only way to go daring. In-your-face-sexy isn't the way we do things around here, and the same goes for

The Art Of Undressing: How To Look Good Naked

Get ready to pop your buttons as we show you how to prep up before stripping down.
Remember that Wren ad where 20 strangers were asked to share a kiss, which brought out a lot of awkwardly cute feels? Well, its director, Tatia Pilieva, takes things to a steamier level with a sequel that’s a hundred times more, umm, we’ll

Isabelle Daza's 5 Summer Essentials

Belle gets intimate as she shares her summer musts.
Nothing like a boudoir party to round up the girls for an intimate afternoon. We did exactly that last Tuesday at the Manila Peninsula where we got up close and personal with Avon’s newest muse, Isabelle Daza. With a few rounds of

Be A Hipster-knicker Knacker

Time to own a pair of the hippie variety.
Say what? Simply put, your low-rise jeans, skirts, and shorts all need a particular pair of undies for it to work. The low-rise cut hangs just right on your hip bone making it the perfect undergarment because it won’t peek out of

High Style High-waisted Undies

Don't underestimate these classic waist-cinchers.
If high-waisted bikinis can cover up your frustration over your lack of abs, the undies version of it can also work the same wonders. If you need the art of concealing with those bandage dresses, pencil skirts, or fitted gowns, then here’s your solution.

33 Sweet And Sexy Thongs

Nothing tacky, nothing trashy, just a little something sexy.
Nothing tacky, nothing trashy, just a little something sexy. This season, we beg you to stay away from the cliché of wearing those fiery red lace thongs and opt for those with quirky and fun prints. Yes, they exist! Click on the

No (panty) Lines? No Problem!

Here are 15 seamless undies that we guarantee can save the day.
If a body hugging dress, a sexy pencil skirt, a pair of white trousers all share a best friend, it would have to be a pair of seamless undies. Don’t let the fear of people staring at your behind confuse you into

23 Bikini Undies We Love

Because one can never have too many panties.
We do understand that what happens in your boudoir is absolutely your own business but do let us in a bit on helping you pick some of your lingerie pieces. The kinds of undergarment that you wear is based on two things:

29 Boyshorts Too Cute For Your Own Good

You know it's what's inside that truly matters, right?
Underwear is not all about lace, reds, whites, and blacks; they can be fun, too! If you're anything like me, you'll go gaga over these boyshorts that will make you feel young, comf, and free. Lounging around your abode (we mean room)

Calvin Klein Taps Miranda Kerr And Others To Take Underwear Selfies

Calvin Klein Taps Miranda Kerr and Others To Take Underwear Selfies
Calvin Klein Underwear's iconic waistband gets the spotlight at their latest social media campaign, #mycalvins. The brand has tapped Miranda Kerr, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, and Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad to post Instagram selfies of them showing off their

Never Before Seen Footage Of David Beckham's H&m Ad Now Up

Never Seen Before Footage of David Beckham's H&M Ad Now Up
Oh, David, why do you have to be so perfect? We're pretty sure you've been watching his H&M Bodywear campaign on repeat (we're guilty as charged!) and now the brand just released a longer version which includes never seen before footage! Oh. My. God.