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How This YouTuber Monetized Her Videos After Only 2 Weeks of Vlogging

Been wanting to try your hand at vlogging?
How This YouTuber Monetized Her Videos After Only 2 Weeks of Vlogging
IMAGE Instagram/rosellevytiaco, Youtube/Roselle Vytiaco
Been wanting to try your hand at vlogging?

Making videos has evolved from being a mere hobby to a lucrative career. Monetizing videos on YouTube has been a reliable source of income for many content creators these days, and if it's something that piques your interest, then we don't see why you shouldn't try your hand at it.

If you're looking for an up-and-coming YouTuber to inspire you to start your own content-creating journey, Roselle Vytiaco's growth on the platform might just be the story you need to hear. Roselle is a commercial model who recently tried her hand at being a YouTuber. After just two weeks and three vlogs, Roselle was able to monetize her channel called "Love, Rosy." Currently, she has around 9,800 subscribers.

Read more about Roselle and her YouTube journey here:

She initially started her channel as an extra source of income.

Roselle has been working as a commercial model for years now. You'll spot her in a couple of commercials and ads with big stars in the industry. But during the pandemic, Roselle felt the need to step out of her comfort zone and look for an alternative way to earn. "I m not really confident seeing nor hearing myself talk in front of the camera because it's totally different from what I do as a commercial model but since the pandemic started, it greatly affected our industry and that s why I had to look for other source of income."


With YouTube, however, content creators don't immediately earn money from the very first video. Instead, it's a process that takes varying amounts of time depending on the YouTuber's activity. For Roselle, she was able to monetize her channel just after uploading three vlogs.

How to monetize your YouTube channel

To monetize your YouTube channel, you need to have the following:

- More than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months


- More than 1,000 subscribers

- A linked AdSense account (to create an AdSense account, just follow the instructions provided in the Sign up for Google AdSense card)

    Aside from these, content creators also have to make sure that their channel strictly abides by YouTube's monetization policies. Once your channel is eligible for monetization, YouTube will first have to review your application before approving it. According to YouTube, this would usually take around one month.

    Pro-tips on getting monetized

    Aside from the steps, Roselle also shared her own strategy for getting monetized. For her channel, Roselle made sure that as many people as possible know about her YouTube channel and that they would be entertained enough to watch her videos. "I tried to be very active so I made a Facebook page, prepared a template for announcements on stories, and also made a trailer for each vlog so they will have something to look forward to," she shares.

    watch now

    It also helps to have an audience, no matter how small, that would actually willingly watch and help spread the word about your videos. Roselle is especially thankful for the help of her family and friends. "I wouldn't get monetized if it weren't because of my friends, family, and even strangers who supported me by sharing my page and the trailers on their Facebook and Instagram and left positive comments on my first vlog. AS IN GRABE. The support was really unbelievable and overwhelming that s why I owe it to them."

    Her college background was a huge help in launching her channel.

    Roselle is a Communication Arts graduate from Miriam College and one of the things she liked doing for class was editing videos. But being able to put up her YouTube channel is also thanks to self-study. "I just try to watch a lot of vlogs and get ideas from them (sound effects, intros, etc.) so my vlogs won't be that serious and boring lol."


    When it comes to the YouTubers that she personally looks up to, Roselle shares, "I love Andi Manzano's channel. I like how chill and homey her vlogs are. And I also like Toni Sia's channel fashion, beauty, self-care. I also look up to Kara David. She inspires me to continue my childhood dream which is to be documentarist."


    Roselle also admits that learning about editing videos in college and being graded for it has its ups and downs. "I save a lot of money by editing my own videos but I spend so much time during the editing process because I can't help myself but re-watch my videos and look at every small detail, [like] if there's still something to add or remove."


    Make sure your channel stays true to your interests.

    Personally, Roselle has a lot of ideas already lined up for the content she wants to put up on her YouTube channel, one of which is her #BuhayPatalastas vlog series where she shares BTS stories and tips on becoming a commercial model. There are also plenty of suggestions coming from her own subscribers.

    One thing's for sure, however. It's that whatever type of video Roselle puts out, it's something that she's 100 percent passionate about. "I think my channel is gonna be about fashion, lifestyle, food, and travel (hopefully) because you don't want to force yourself do something you are not passionate about, and for me, these are the things I will for sure enjoy."


    Check out Roselle's YouTube channel here.

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