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How the Stars Decorated Their Homes This Christmas

Alex Gonzaga hung chocolates on their Christmas tree!
How the Stars Decorated Their Homes This Christmas Alex Gonzaga hung chocolates on their Christmas tree!

The 25th of December is so near that we can already hear jingle bells ringing. Most of us, if not all, already have our Christmas trees set up, Santa stockings stuffed, and dinner tables set. The local celebrities are no different. As excited as we are for this glorious evening, the stars also appreciate a festive, holiday-ready environment.

Below, find out how they decorated their homes this Christmas:

Anne Curtis

“My Christmas decorations are not matchy matchy at all because whenever I travel that's what I buy for memorabilia. My reason? I find it kinda nice to be able to reminisce about all the different places I've been to as I put each ornament up on the tree. Makes it more unique, more personal, [and] more me.”

Andi Manzano-Reyes


“It's our last Christmas in our condo because we are moving to a new home. Everything is simple and baby proofed since Olivia puts everything in her mouth and crawls everywhere. We have stockings for each one and our tree’s decorations this year are candies and cupcakes and more gifts under the tree for our little one.”

Tricia Gosingtian

“By re-using the same decorations we've been using the last 5 years! Simplicity is key. No room for any new decor in my house anyway since my dogs (two big labradors) came into my life.”

Martine Cajucom

"I decorated my home with pine scented candles and an abundance of white Christmas lights."


And look, they also took time to decorate the Sunnies Studios HQ:

Dominique Cojuangco


"It's been a tradition that my house is decorated for Christmas before my Ninang Maureen Soong's birthday in November. Having lived in London for the past two (nearly three) years, I come home to an already decorated house."

Mari Jasmine

Model, host, and blogger Mari Jasmine has always been a healthy foodie. So naturally, she had a different way of “decorating” for the holidays. Her answer: “I decorated my home with bright colorful food!”

Kim Jones-Rosales



“We don't do too many Christmas decorations! Instead, all of our energy goes into hosting Christmas dinners and parties at the house for our loved ones - filled with lots of candlelight!”

Spotted on Instagram, we also noticed how the other celebs styled their Christmas trees:

Isabelle Daza

Belle kept it classy by sticking to green and gold.

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

Meanwhile, Bianca and her husband JC Intal are having a white Christmas just like last year. Their tree even has a big red ribbon on top, making it look like a wrapped present.

Chesca Garcia-Kramer


As for #TeamKramer, a big tree filled with lots of ornaments and colorful lights seemed befitting for the whole family—with festive Christmas socks for the kids, natch!

Alex Gonzaga

The Gonzaga sisters’ Christmas tree has a sweet twist—literally. Alex decorated theirs with chocolates! Yum!


Photos from Instagram